Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Big Fish Story

I caught a fish in a wicker basket!
In the closet no less.

Now you must be wondering how someone 
catches a salt water fish in a fresh air closet.
Well, it was easy.

Way  back when, Dad went fishing in Florida. 
He loved to deep sea fish and always hoped I
would grow up to be a marine biologist.
After spending a couple of (expensive) deep sea fishing charters
with me laying down or hanging over the edge
about as green as seaweed, he came to the realization
it would probably not happen.

Well, mom said he caught this fish and really wanted 
to have it mounted.  It always hung in the family room
and inadvertently topped the Christmas tree during the holidays.
Tom and I are pictured here with my grandparents
sometime around 1974 - 1976 maybe?

It's a nice sized fish, coming in at about 24 inches.
 There are some condition issues but I still think it's pretty cool.

But back to how I caught it in the closet.
I was looking for a spare pillow when I opened the 
closet in Mom's back guest room.  There, 
sitting nose down in a wicker basket, was Dad's fish!
This was two houses and 40 years later.

I asked if I could take it home and without hesitation, Mom agreed.
I don't think the fish fits into her decor!
It will be perfect for me except my living room is pumpkin colored
and the fish will blend right in!
A Camo Fish!

No, I'll put it upstairs, maybe in the girl cave for now
but if the man cave gets fixed up some day,
it would be perfect there.

So, that's my Big Fish Story!



This is such a cute story! I love it and the fact that you have the fish..Mom must have been tired of catching that glad you shared.

Gorges Smythe said...

At least it doesn't sing!

Manny said...

Great fish story! I really enjoyed it. Now you might try to feed 5000 with it. I think the pictures of Jesus and the fish He used to feed the 5000 also had the fish in a wicker basket. ;)

Harry Flashman said...

That's a good link with the past. The fact that you have that picture is great, it helps make the connection.

I am trying to think if I had anything from my dad, but I don't think I do. My brothers were out there when he passed away and I was 2000 miles away.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Manny, maybe 2500, there really isn't a back to the fish! And can you imagine the taste, I've seen what's under that fish hide! LOL

Gorges- oh how I love that hokey stuff. I always wanted a jackalope! LOL

Dolly- I am so happy I have it! I guess I like the weird things. My house used to be chock full of trinkets and unusual things hanging on the walls. It was a great conversation starter!

Michelle said...

Loved your post. It reminded me I have a clock that belonged to my grandfather in my closet but no fish.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Interesting... and I like the provenance picture with the Christmas tree!
So... I have a big fish on my wall. I don't like it. I don't have a man cave-- just an ugly fish, and I don't like fishing or even eating fish (as I stated earlier on your blog)
I have it there, because the hubby caught it. I finally put a huge (grotesquely huge) frame around it. I mean-- grotesque fish calls for a grotesquely huge frame, does it not?
Going for consistency! ;)

Powell River Books said...

My dad loved to fish, and since he didn't get a son, I learned to fish with him. Mom was a trooper, she followed along and sat on the bank with her crochet projects. I still like to fish, but have never been as good at it as my dad. - Margy