Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blooming Again- Orchid flower 3

It is a blooming good time here in Robertsville.
Our little orchid visitor is really being a good guest,
gracing us with yet another bloom.
If all goes well, there are a few more blooms
yet to open, and the buds are growing daily.
The poor thing will be all tuckered out 
by the time I have to return it.

I don't know if it likes the diffused Northern light
that seeps into the dining room window - that
sits behind a nine foot deep porch.
Or does it like the well water?
I have no idea but something is right.


Harry Flashman said...

My ferrets read your blog. They want me to mail them up to your house.

They say,"we want to destroy that flower!"

Evil churls!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

If it were mine, I'd invite them over! Seeing that it's not, I'll have to keep it safe. Sorry!! Poor guys.

Vickie @ said...

Those orchids are absolutely gorgeous! But, the plant isn't yours? Too bad. Apparently you have the right light and/or water to grow them, so maybe you should get one for yourself!