Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Tractor Gets a Garage

Winter is near and we wanted to keep the tractor
out of the weather as much as possible.
A barn isn't in the budget right now so 
my husband picked up a temporary shelter,
the same brand our neighbor has and
so far has worked well.

Tom and Taylor sorted and labeled parts in the garage.
She was so good at this that we pulled up chairs,
had snacks and listened to the radio until she had it installed.
NO, not really.
She did go around and ratcheted all the nuts
for the three frame pieces.

After a lot of grumbling on how the 
nine year old and the wife didn't understand how
to square anything up, we finally got it installed.

Now to see if it will fit with the doors closed.


 Now I'm thinking it will be a good place
for the cats to hide out in bad weather too.
There's enough wiggle room that they can get under
the tent from the back.

We know this is temporary.  We hope to get one of 
those smaller pole barns someday, big enough
to also hold the lawn tractor and other lawn tools.
Then, if this holds up, it can become the wood shed
or Taylor's playhouse and cat hotel!



I like it!

Harry Flashman said...

Looks like the rig our engineers used to put over small trailer mounted generators. As long as it's well anchored and the cover is tied on tight it should be just the thing!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Great idea...for a quick fix.
In the mean time...You'll be looking at pole barn plans and getting all sorts of ideas. Glad the tractor is winterized and stored for the season. Out of the elements. Tractors aren't cheap!


Susie Swanson said...

This is a neat idea. I love that tractor and can see why ya'll would want it covered. Have a nice Sunday. Blessings.

Candy C. said...

Very nice...the shelter AND the tractor!! :)