Saturday, November 16, 2013

Library Book Sale

     What a haul!
Our library had another book sale, this time even 
better than previous sales.

I started at the Pacific, MO library Thursday night 
on my way home.  My husband and I went to the main
branch on Friday and then to the St. Clair, MO branch
as we passed through town.

Books were  $.50 - $1.00
Kid books could be priced by the bag
I think we came home with 85 books,
I think we spent around $0.71 per book.

My husband loves the classics, historical and non-fiction,
I grabbed crafting and novels
plus my husband is starting Taylor's book club
where he and my granddaughter read the same book
and discuss it once a week.  She loves to read but
not what the school wants her to read !
 They are starting The Hobbit first
and then I picked up Tom Sawyer for her.
Plus she got some fun kid books.

I tried some authors that I've seen but never read,
for $0.50, I'll try a few to see how I like them.
We won't go back but on the last day of the sale
you can pay $5 for as many as you can fit into a box!

We'll have good reading for years to come.
When we're done, we'll donate those we don't keep to
the Agape House where they use proceeds from their
sales to help the needy pay bills or provide food for their families.

Here's what we purchased:

Tom's books
The Chicago Crime Book
  Dashiell Hammett The Continental Op
  World History 2nd period class 1936 class notes
The Yankee Peddlers of Early America
 Woodworking Handtools Instruments and Devices
 The Tools that built America
The Layman’s Bible Encyclopedia
Evil for Evil   James Benn WWII mystery
 Nellie Bly
 Eyeing the Flash, the education of a carnival  con artist
 Viking America , The Norse Crossings and Their Legacy
 Samuel De Champlain Father of New France
 The War of American Independence      
 The Science of Fiction Hall of Fame  Vol  2B
 The American Heritage Book of The Revolution
 The Art of Darts
 The Bounty Trilogy
Two Years Before the Mast
The Log from the Sea of Cortez
 Divine Comedy
 The Iliad
The Odyssey
 Canterbury Tales
 Bulfinch’s Mythology
War and Peace
 Last Days of Pompeii
The Travels of Marco Polo
 Crime and Punishment
A bunch of Zane Grey Books:
Under the Tonto Rim
 Sunset Pass
 Riders of the Purple Sage
Desert Gold
 The Man of the Forest
 Wild Horse Mesa
 Western Union
Twin Sombreros
  The Mysterious Rider
  The Trail Driver
 Wanderer of the Wasteland
The Thundering Herd

Kathys books
 Recipes and Wooden Spoons (novel)
 Stories by Foreign Authors (Scandinavian)
Stories by Foreign Authors ( Spanish)
The Joy of Spinning
Missouri Heritage Quilts
Christmas gifts under $10 (craft)
Sewing Made Easy
The School at Thrush Green
Friends at Thrush Green
 The New Year’s Quilt
Wash Your Hair with Whipped Cream
 Fifty Nifty Novelty Songs (sheet music)
Bells on their Toes (by the Authors of Cheaper by the Dozen)
Dixie Hearts ( novel)
Alabama (novel)
Round the Corner   ( The Sister Circle series novel)
 On Strike for Christmas (novel)
Comfort and Joy (novel)
 Death of a Perfect Wife (mystery)
Poisoned Pens (mystery)
Baroque and Desperate (mystery)
 The Sunday Philosophy Club (mystery)
 Strange Brew (Trouchek mystery)
 The Secret Ingredient (Jane Heller)
Love in Plain Sight (Macomber)
Blue Bayou (Ross)
 Lost in Rooville (Blackston)
 In Pendleton Oregon (novel)
 The Pursuit of Love  & In a Cold Climate (novels)
 The Winding Road Home (Sally John)
 Windswept Weddings (short stories)
 The Prairie Romance Collection
 An Undivided Heart (The Sister Circle series)
The Covenant (Beverly Lewis)
 The Parting (Lewis)
The Betrayal (Lewis)
The Postcard (Lewis)

Taylor’s books:
Cool Stuff  20 (how things work)
 Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain (Tom & Taylor’s book club)
Nancy Drew The Clue in the Diary
 Alfred Hitchcock’s Haunted Houseful (nine stories for kids)
The Storyteller’s Pack   (Frank Stockton reader, Illustrated)


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Let it snow, you will be all stocked up on books!

LindaG said...

I've not seen books as good as some of those, for loan, let alone for sale. Congratulations!
Some are definite keepers.

Enjoy your weekend!

Harry Flashman said...

I hope The Canterbury Tales is not for the kids!

My mom does that. Goes to library sales and loads up. Then she donates the books back to library when she finishes and I guess they sell them again....

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I lost all my comments- I don't know why. I hit publish and they acted like they would but when I got to the blog, nothing.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I logged out of Blogger and logged back in. The comments were in Spam!?

Manny said...

That is great. I miss those library sales. I haven't gone to the library for myself (I've brought Matthew) in ages. Hey you husband reads some of the same type of books as I do. He should check my blog and see if I've reviewed or analysed anything he's read. In fact I'm going to do Purgatory from the Divine Comedy next and I expect to read Crime and Punishment next year sometime.

~mel said...

That reading list ought to hold you over until spring!

Nancy C said...

Lucky you! My thrift doesn't seem to have as much variety.