Sunday, November 10, 2013

Taylor's 9th Birthday


Miss Tayor is officially Nine Years Old!
 We celebrated on Saturday at our house with
homemade pizzas, roasted hotdogs, snacks and 
a Hay Ride!!
My daughter (Becky) arrived with cake, food and drink in hand,
the neighbors arrived as well as Taylor's 
great grandpa Dick (Pop's father) and Grandma Leah
(Taylor's father's side)

Pops was the driver.
I'm glad there was some straw left after
the kids attacked it before the ride.
Becky ended up giving the them noise makers
so we could keep track of where they were in the dark.
No blowing them in the courtyard though,
Ms Skunk was on the porch having a
kitty food snack.  Didn't want to scare her!

Everyone loaded up and Pops took off up the drive.
I stayed behind to clean up the kitchen.
Homemade pizza is great but it does get messy.

There they go, up the driveway and 
ready to drive down our road.
It's private and dead ends up the way, 
plus there are only a few homes on it making 
it a perfect place for a hay ride.

Earlier she opened some gifts,
duplicate cards too!

The Hobbit was always one of our favorites so
Pops and Taylor are starting their own private book club.
The plan is to read the same selection every week and
then have a discussion.  When she is back for 
our next weekend visit we're taking her out to get the
rest of her gift.  She wants a really good pair of gloves
for snow, not the regular kid gloves so we'll
have to take a road trip so she can try them on.

She got some fun things from the neighbor girls.
(names withheld to protect their identity)

Grandma Kathy (me) and T.

Pops and Taylor
 Wow, no smile.  Pops doesn't like his picture taken I guess.

Grandma Leah
(Taylor's father's mom) 
We like her a lot.

 Neighbor Simone, with daughter.
She made the grape vine wreath in the earlier post.
She's from Germany and always has great recipes 
plus she can sew wonderfully. She's so talented with her
arts, crafts, etc. that she should open up shop.

Neighbor,Rick, watches the festivities.

And who could have a hayride without a fire?
We all gathered round for cake
and sparkling trick candles.
That Never Blow Out! 

It was a tie dye cake,
delicious but so moist that the 
icing started sliding off 
after it was sliced.

After the guests left Taylor challenged everyone to
a game of pool so down to the basement we went.
Taylor and Pops vs. Grandma Kathy and Becky.
I think we were all pretty tired.
While Pops and Taylor were the ultimate winners,
we were all bushed and hoping either side would 
sink the 8 ball!

 It was a pretty great night!


Sunnybrook Farm said...

A birthday that will never be forgotten!

Harry Flashman said...

You folks sure do it up for a birthday. Looks like everybody had a good time. Your family look like good people. They would fit in here.

LindaG said...

Happy Birthday, Taylor!
Looks like it was a fantastic birthday. ♥

Nancy C said...

What a great way to celebrate!

Manny said...

Happy birthday Taylor! What a great little girl and a wonderful family. Looks like fun was had by all!