Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bird Update- Drinks

I had a couple of requests for a Bird update.
I'm happy to tell you that she is doing very well.
There have been a couple of seizures, this time different.
She will shake all over and we have to hold her for a bit.
Afterward she is fine, just as if nothing had happened.
She has a crock in her tub and attempts to drink
or many times stomp around in her water!
This will tide her over until I can feed her and give
her a drink in the utility sink.  

I took a couple of videos
and upon watching them determined I sound like an idiot! 
I guess I talk baby talk to her, 
after all, she's my baby, right?
( my BFF, my best bud!)

The video gets a little blurry at the end since
the camera can't keep up with her head movements.
Plus I am trying to dodge water drops from her head shaking.

She gets the sink pretty dirty with the crumbles that 
are loosened by the water, plus you better be 
quick because you have to dodge those little pellets too!

Sometimes we get a drink first and then eat a little.
Then go back for a short drink afterwards.
Then it's time to let her walk around the house.

She's becoming better at getting stuck beneath furniture.
It's amazing how quickly she can find the places that
are the most difficult to remove her from!

I almost forgot- she seems to honk like a goose now!

Well, enjoy the show.


Lisa said...

Amazing! She looks so healthy. You are really taking good care of her!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

This amazes me how dedicated you are to raising this bird.
I don't think you sound like an idiot either.
I was thinking that about me recently with videos that I made...I sound so country-fied!
have a great week.

Carolyn said...

Bird seems to be doing VERY well. Thanks to you, of course :) If god is a chicken, you are most definitely getting through 'dem pearly gates!

Harry Flashman said...

I like Bird. I don't blame you for talking to her, I talk to all my animals.

Manny said...

She's a great pet, so don't feel silly talking to her. By the way she looks very healthy. You're doing something right.