Friday, October 25, 2013

Deutsch Country Days Part 4 - Cooking and Cleaning

I fell in love with the kitchen!
It is so comfortable and inviting.

Although I will say that ironing has become much easier.

The early washing machines would be perfect
if you were without power for an extended time.
The girls had the opportunity to try this
model last year.  What a chore!

This is a bit more modern
and actually,  probably a lot more reliable
than these ultra expensive flashy models
that I see in stores today.  It didn't take 
long for my brother-in-law's to break
and the repair was going to be more expensive
than purchasing a new, less expensive model.

This would be the part I disliked!
I am so thankful for indoor plumbing
and hot water heaters.

I wonder how things would change if we had 
to go back to these ways .
I'm sure our ancestors couldn't have imagined 
sitting around in our air conditioned homes
playing on our I-whatevers.

There is will be one last part-
the All Other post.
I hope you are enjoying seeing a little of the past.

Living History Weekend in Marthasville, MO
as Deutsch Country Days kicked off it's annual
event on the historic Luxenhaus Farm.
 The all volunteer staff demonstrated skills of the
German settlers.  It is sponsored by the Lexenhaus Farm 
German Heritage Foundation.


Harry Flashman said...

I hope you, Bird and the family have a good weekend.

LindaG said...

My grandmother had a wringer washer while I was growing up. It was electric. I remember helping her do the wash.
What a great, educational vacation. I would love to do something like that, but I can't imagine hubby doing so.

Have a wonderful weekend!