Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bird is Jealous

Bird is jealous.
She just found out about the Peabody Ducks.
Now she wants a set up like this.
(so do I)

If you have never visited the Peabody it is well worth the trip.
   It's a beautiful hotel in Memphis, TN.
The ducks live on the roof in a duck palace
from which they make their trip down to the lobby
to swim in the fountain.
They parade back up using the elevators
while crowds of people gather to take photos
and cheer them on.
They have been doing this for at least 80 years!
(not the same ducks of course)

From the rooftop you have a beautiful view of the city,
 there are great bbq restaurants and lots of fun on Beale Street.

I'll work on getting my husband to build her something on the deck!


Harry Flashman said...

A fellow I worked with told me about this. I've never seen it for myself but would like to.

Michelle said...

They are beautiful ducks. Bet they love all the attention .

Manny said...

"Bird is Jealous."

Sounds like that could make the start of an interesting poem or maybe a short story. ;)

Penny said...

Talk about "lucky ducks"! They got it made..I would love to see that sometime!

Cottage Tails said...

ahhh Make Way for Ducklings is the book we studied while homeschooling and it was about these ducks. So fun to see actual photos.
Love Leanne

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Leanne, I remember reading that book but had forgotten. I remember it was really a great book too.