Monday, June 11, 2012

T-Post Sprinkler

It's been terribly dry in our area resulting in a need to sprinkle the garden.  I have been using a normal oscillating sprinkler, having to move it from here to there plus determine exactly how far "left", "right" or "center" I needed to set it.  It would over sprinkle or under sprinkle.  Now, I think we have found the perfect sprinkler for this area.  It was $12.99 at Tractor Supply.

Since we fenced around the beds with T-posts, this model sits right on top of the post.  It works just like the stake sprinklers, setting the area with the movable bars and the pressure by dialing up or down the nozzle.  We can now reach both beds and we don't overshoot the area.  I believe we will pick up another to take care of the more narrow lower beds.  It looks like we will need to fence it a little too -- deer tracks plus our stinky visitor from last night!   They haven't bothered the watermelon, zucchini or pumpkins for now but one never knows!

You can find details and reviews at the link below.


Candy C. said...

One of my friends has those for her garden and really likes them too!

3rnigerians said...

I am really glad you shared this because I need to go get me a few too for my new chicken garden. Thanks Kathy.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

This has been nice, we can hit almost everything at once. We're on a well and the only problem we see is when the well pressure falls a little but it's a matter of a minute and the pressure is back. We fiddled with the sprinkler tension and amount of spray until we had what we needed. He's going to get another one too plus a T for the hose bib so we can string out 2 hoses rather for different areas. We use those on our other hoses and it's nice to just turn the one side on and the other off.