Friday, June 22, 2012

Locker Hook, Codfish and Caves

 Sullivan, MO

I discovered Locker Hook Rug Making today during our visit to Melear Fabrics in Sullivan, MO, about a thirty minute drive from our place- about the same as driving to my quilt shop in town.  I  must have passed this place a dozen times without realizing it was a quilt shop, perhaps a new favorite haunt!

Prices are very reasonable, in fact there was a table full of $1.99 and $2.99 fabric with many of the others in the $6 -$7 range.  It's not unusual to see $8-$11 or better in town.  They also carry Moda, something I have to travel over an hour to get!  Back in the corner is their Grab Bag section, scrappy items and bags full of precut 1 inch strips that can be used for Locker Hooking rugs!  I have never hear of this before, only the woolen latch hooking.  This uses latch hook material and twine to form the grid in which you string folded cotton material through the openings and over the twine (to lock it in place) using what appears to be an darning  needle.  The example above demonstrates a pretty heart scrappy pattern.  I enlarged the portion of the photo with the needle.  You can purchase a book that demos the entire process or look on line.

Here is a YouTube demo  Locker Hook Demo

They also have several quilts hanging on their walls above display cases.  This is one of my husband's favorites, he loves bright colors.  They also had a nice Realtree pattern with a center deer panel that he liked.

I thought their block of the month was outstanding; however, I don't know applique yet.  This is something I would love to do in time.

Hard to believe I'd passed this several times.  I think we normally turn just before this section of the service road (Hwy 44).

Lunch was at the Du Kum Inn, a family place where they have homemade pies that I've never tried.  Not that I wouldn't like to, it's just that the lunches are so huge that you can't eat another bite!  The children's portion of spaghetti was as large as I make for the family plus came with a bread basket and jello.  Too bad we were not going home or Taylor could have taken it with her. Tom chose the daily special, a lemon pepper cod with salad and sides.  They also have fried chicken and ham steaks- all the home cooking favorites.

I have TMJ so sandwiches were out for me so I chose a nice side salad (a good sized side salad with croutons, cheese, tomato and greens) plus a way too large order of toasted ravioli with sauce.  The cracker basket had bread sticks!  I haven't seen packaged bread sticks in ages.  I remember cracker baskets used to always have a large selection of them in many flavors plus my favorite, seasoned Rye Krisps.  

We were just down the way from Meramec State Park so we stopped by the visitor center that has some very nice hands on displays especially kid friendly.  

Tom and Taylor ventured into a small cave near the playground while I chose to relax in the shade.  Then it was home to take a nap! I just couldn't fall asleep last night and, after two hours of laying there, decided to get up and read.  I finally got back to bed by 2 AM and slept unusually late- 7:30!  Strange, I'm usually out like a light.  I guess that's what a week off will get you.  It will sure be hard to get up at 4 AM on Monday! 

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