Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Vacation: Seeds, Theme Parks, Battlefields and a Quilty Shop Hop

My husband and I have not had a vacation together for 
10 years!  Sure, we have had some time off but we
either stayed home, visited relatives or watched our 
granddaughter for the last 10 years.  

Not this year.  We took TWO WHOLE DAYS off work
and went to Branson, MO because I missed  Silver Dollar City.
Along the way there and back we stopped for other
attractions, one being Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in
Mansfield, MO which is just outside of Springfield.
The seed room was huge with every cubby holding 
packets of seeds, arranged in sections for vegetables,
flowers and herbs.  We were there on a Thursday
morning so really the only ones there which was perfect.
I hear when they have their festivals it is filled to the brim.

Here are some of the seeds I selected for the garden.
As a hint, if you have cucumbers that are getting eaten
by bugs, plant amaranth.  I discovered it accidentally 
when I had it growing wild and neglected to pull it out.
Then I found that all the bugs were eating it rather than 
my cucumbers- Perfect!!

In the second section of the building there are rooms devoted
to fabric, stitchery, candles, soaps and other crafts and hobbies.
You can see  the bee hive sign at the lower right.
They also have a library of various helpful books.

I picked up these Aunt Martha's hot iron transfers.

Next stop Springfield, MO

This is Bass Pro Shop's magnificent entrance,
it is stunning when you are actually there.
Any time we are in Springfield, MO we stop in.
My husband enjoys looking at the equipment
and I love the decor, just amazing.

This statue is made out of bronze, 
huge and incredibly beautiful.

There is a quilt Shop Hop going on right now, not just
in Missouri, not just in the U.S., but everywhere.
There is an embroidery pattern which is bordered by
this pretty bee fabric called Bee Creative by Deb Strain
through Moda.  It is difficult to find the fabrics since so many
have signed up to make the quilt (free on line) so I thought it 
was a perfect time to check out the shops in Missouri during our
trip.  As it turned out I found everything I need.
Now to start the embroidery, and catch up with my other
quilt along where we make a sampler out of six inch blocks.

We visited several quilt shops and a few were stunning,
amazingly stocked and everyone was so nice.

Each shop created a pattern called Row By Row with the 
theme of Home.  When you visit you can get the free pattern
or purchase a kit the contains the pattern plus material.
I purchased several kits so I would have the right material
and just took the free pattern in some cases.  Hopefully
I will find time for that when all the summer chores are complete.

We tried to find a little cabin where we could cook but 
last minute reservations were tough so we settled on a motel.
This was Ozark Valley Inn in Branson, MO and it was very nice.
It was not perfect but it reminded me of going to motels when
I was young and I love parking by the room- ours was the first 
floor which actually was the middle level here due to the slope
of the ground.  There were chairs in the covered hallway too
so you could pull then up to a table and stay out of the sun.

The hallway led to the pool and over to the office and 
breakfast room where they served a complimentary meal; 
however, due to my dietary needs we chose to go out
instead.  My husband is not thrilled with Cracker Barrel 
where we ate the first day but I liked it, also 
Stavin' Marvin's breakfast buffet the second day.

Branson is still Branson only much more crowded.
We drove the strip and to the old downtown where 
we went into the old five and dime.  They have built up 
the old section of town, I would not have recognized it 
once you got to the river!!

Sorry that you got the back half of King Kong but
it was my only shot.  This is on the strip across from
the big Ferris wheel.  I think it was Ripley's Believe it or Not.

This is inside one of the restaurants.
It's all glitz and Hollywood like sets
but not all the food is good.  My husband thinks
it is because we are used to St Louis restaurants
where the food is fantastic and well prepared.
I had to send back the calamari, it was so tough.
Here it is delightful, breaded with a tempura coating
and fried until tender, not chewy.

We did have a good dinner at Red Lobster, something I have
not had in years and years!  I had a lobster tail and grilled shrimp
and my husband lobster and steak . This was on their special 
menu for the season.  He thought his steak too well done, preferring
it red and cold in the center.  I think many restaurants are afraid to 
cook it that way or just don't know how to cook it that way.  To 
me it's raw so I can't really critique it.

Silver Dollar City was not as much fun this time.
As soon as we arrived we had a torrential storm with 
lightning, thunder and buckets of rain causing them to 
close down the rides and outdoor events.  I think they 
must have sold every poncho in their stores!

We were able to see some of the indoor artisans,
the Saloon show and ride Fire in the Hole plus
go through Grandpa's Mansion which is the fun house
sort of attraction.  Nothing scary, just off center so things
look like they are downhill but you are going up.  That sort of thing.
The atmosphere would have been better if it had been nice
but since we had a package deal we had to go or lose the 
admission price.  It was still good and maybe we will try again sometime.

Photo credit 

Just outside of Springfield is Wilson's Creek National Battlefield
where we stopped for a few minutes. My husband picked up
some books and I purchased a little hankie doll kit.  He and
his brother are going to go back down and spend the day there
sometime.  They should have a nice time.

plus a bonnet
to put my hair up in while I am gardening.  The bees seem to 
like my hair a lot, a whole lot, so I may see if it helps to 
cover it when I am up in their area, but not in a bee veil
which is too difficult to garden in.

We also stopped at Shepherd of the Hills Outlet where I 
found this perfect bee jewelry.  I don't wear much jewelry
but when I saw these bees I had to have them.  The best part
is that they must be on closeout because they were $2.99 each!!

We arrived home Saturday afternoon, tired and ready to be home.
I still have not caught up with cleaning the house.  I hope no one
comes over unexpectedly that we are not close friends with,
they might see what really happens here in the summer when
we work all day at our jobs and then back home to work for
hours in the garden, with chicks, bees and canning!

Day 1 vacation Saturday:  Chicken butchering/pickling
Day 2 vacation:  Breakfast at Denny's and trip to the river 
Day 3 vacation:  laundry, thrift shopping, gardening
Day 4 vacation:  Quilt Shop Hop for the Row by Row patterns
Jackman's Fabrics (Creve Coeur MO)
The Quilted Fox quilt shop (Frontenac, MO)
Merrily We Sew Along quilt shop (Valley Park, MO)
All are the St Louis County area
Yard Work: weed whipping, gardening 
Shopping:  Supplies at Wal-Mart 
Canning:  making pickles
Day 5 vacation:  Preparing for our Branson trip
Day 6 vacation:  Up at dawn, in the car and on the road!
Stopped in Mansfield, MO at Baker's Creek
Stopped in Springfield MO for quilt shop hopping
A trip into Bass Pro Shop
On to Branson MO for quilt shop hopping
Trip to the Branson strip and old downtown
Dinner at Red Lobster
Day 7 vacation:  Silver Dollar City
Torrential rain, lightning, thunder.  Rides closed, outdoor activities
delayed.  We saw some craftsmen, the saloon show and road
Fire in the Hole (indoor roller coaster with a mine theme)
Day 8 vacation:  Pack up for home, stopped by Ozark MO quilt shop,
visit to Wilson's Creek national battlefield outside of Springfield,
Shepherd of the Hills Outlet mall in Lebanon MO and back home
Day 9 vacation:  church, pickling, unpacking


Gorges Smythe said...

My wife and I do well to get a day in Amish country anymore. I'm glad you got away for a little while.


Oh my what a fun filled vacation! You got to visit Baker Seeds! What fun! The quilts, Bass Pro, Silver Dollar City well just everything! I know you had fun and I'm so glad you got to go on Vacation! Yay!

Lady Locust said...

Those bee fabrics are wonderful! That will be a fun project. Just a note~ what shampoo/conditioner are you using? If you rinse your hair with vinegar, they might not be so adamant about getting nectar from it:) Also, Baker Creek Seeds! Oh color me green and call me envy. What a fun place to visit!
Sounds like it was nice for both of you aside from real food.

Harry Flashman said...

Good for you! Every couple needs to get off on their own sometimes, away from home and away from all the routine. Looks like a super trip you had. My wife and I love to go somewhere like that, and stay at a nice place overnight. Usually we head to the beach since we live in the mountains. I am really glad you got out and had a good time.

LindaG said...

My brother in Michigan, goes to the Amish place in Indiana all the time. He loves their pepper bacon and their furniture.

I have never been to Missouri. Would love to see Baker Creek. I order from them every year.

Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Kathy. Hope you all have a blessed weekend and a safe holiday.

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

Calamari? Really? You guys must be whole bunches more sofisticaded than lilt ole me.

No way I would have left Branson before seeing Shepherd of the Hills. Shame!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We went to Shepherd of the Hills with the kids one year. This vacation is was pouring buckets of serious rain, we drove by it through. I really wanted to go to SDC because we used to have season passes with the kids and I worked a flex schedule where I left by 11 AM on Fridays. My husband would have the camper all packed, kids ready and I just had to jump in and off we would go to Compton Ridge Campground, about a mile from Silver Dollar City. The part of the campground we stayed at has been sold to someone else now. Yes, calamari. I don't like fish but seem to like seafood and when it's done right, it's delicious. There is a place called Michaels that (at least was) is run by our friend's relative and they make it very, very good. Little tiny octopus deep fried are also included, something I didn't ever have before. I've had snails before too. Might sound sorta gross but really just garlic-butter flavor. My favorite is lobster and crab. Then again, I cleaned and cooked a ground hog that was digging under our basement, not sure how sophisticated that is! LOL

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

loved seeing your Branson pics! My daughter and son in law took the kids on Memorial Day weekend... They stayed in Harrison, it was cheaper and drove over to Branson everyday for thrills and excitement.
My other daughter and son in law like to stay in Jasper there are lovely cabins there right next to the Buffalo National Forest. That isn't very much of a drive... anyway.
King Kongs butt... hilarious!
I've not seen any pictures of that view!
only here.