Tuesday, June 21, 2016

River Day

It was a river sort of day, a combination of my birthday and
Father's Day both on Sunday during a week when I am on 
vacation and had nothing more than relaxing on my mind.

I am not a huge fan of the boat ride.  It is not like on a nice,
calm and deep lake, not here.  The river will suddenly drop to
a few inches of water where you can see each and every river
rock, including the gravel, as you are flying over them at a
really fast speed.  You can't use a prop, rather a jet is required
to get you up on plane and skip over rocks and hopefully the
semi-submerged logs from trees downed by storms or as 
the bank gave way.  Some of the root wads are huge, and
some you can't imagine how the tree is still standing, most of the
root hanging over the bank in a tangled mass.

You can see how they lean, farther and farther over.
Some are small like these, but others are massive and you hope
your boat isn't in their way if they fall.

On this stretch of river it is more quiet.
The canoes and kayaks haven't taken over the river, 
full of people that have not educated themselves on the
rules of the road as it were.  I think the canoe outfitters
should give them a course on river safety to keep them
and the power boaters happy and safe.  They need to be 
accountable to some degree, not just send people out 
who have no clue about boats.  That is when they tip 
and get themselves in dangerous places or do things
that are unsafe.  They also don't understand they need to 
share with the power boats that can't just stop like a car
so if they tie themselves together and take up the entire
river-especially around a blind bend, there's trouble.

It was only a couple of years ago a landowner got tired of 
the teams of people stopping on his land, leaving trash and partying.
(legally they have the right to be there if it is 
below the high water mark).  A confrontation occurred
and the owner killed him.   This was in the high canoe-kayak
area that has been inundated with drinkers, drugs, nudity, etc.
Not the family friendly canoe trip.

With a little respect that could have been avoided.

Our beaches are nice, some gravel and some sand.
Generally everyone gets along.
Hopefully it stays that way.

It's really pretty and relaxing (except for the ride).
There are eagles, sea looking birds, turtles, herons
and lots and lots of pretty shells to collect.

All this to see and yet I saw a boat go past where 
the driver was the only one looking at the water.
Everyone else in the boat had eyes on their phones 
where there was so much to see if they just looked 
around.  Sad really.  I think riots would break out if
we lost cell communications and all internet.
How would they survive?

This is one of the results of our recent floods.
The bank has all but gone and this house is doomed to 
fall into the river.  Some did and some are being 
renovated.  You can still see debris high in the tree tops
where bits of dock, houses and junk still dangles since
the water receded.  

If you can see the blue awning to the left on the beach, 
this is also a place where people camp.  Either day camping
or for the weekend.  If we plan to be there for the day we bring
the collapsible awnings, chairs, side tables, bbq, coolers, etc.

The kids float on rafts, watch the minnows try to nibble on their toes
and see who can get more dragon flies to land on their fingers.
I plop my chair about waist deep, just enough to keep my drink out of
the water, and attach a small umbrella to the back of my chair to 
avoid the sunburn.  We cook or bring a picnic lunch, arriving early
to stake out our claim. 

I hate the ride but love the beach!

Day 1 vacation Saturday:  Chicken butchering/pickling
Day 2 vacation:  Breakfast at Denny's and trip to the river 
Day 3 vacation:  laundry, thrift shopping, gardening
Day 4 vacation:  Quilt Shop Hop for the Row by Row patterns



I hope that it stays safe and peaceful so that you can always enjoy going there. That is so sad the land owner had to resort to that level and I feel his pain. Some people have no respect for others' property. Sounds like you've had a busy Father's Day Birthday!

Gorges Smythe said...

I can't swim a stroke, but I've always loved being around the water. Probably not a wise thing!

LindaG said...

Lovely river to spend the day on. Thanks for sharing it with us, Kathy.