Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kathy's Pickles

This is my first batch of pickled cucumbers that I picked from 
our garden along with the home grown dill for flavoring.

We planted pickling cucumbers and trying to pick
them small so we have a lot of pint jars.
I washed and cut up the cucumbers, some were
small spears and some were crinkle cut

I added pickle crisp, spices, my dill, 
garlic and the cucumbers, filled it with 
brine and let the pickling begin.

This is our small hot water bath canner.

They will sit for a week and then I'll get to see if 
they taste as good as I hope!

Day 1 vacation Saturday:  Chicken butchering/pickling
Day 2 vacation:  Breakfast at Denny's and trip to the river 
Day 3 vacation:  laundry, thrift shopping, gardening
Day 4 vacation:  Quilt Shop Hop for the Row by Row patterns
Jackman's Fabrics (Creve Coeur MO)
The Quilted Fox quilt shop (Frontenac, MO)
Merrily We Sew Along quilt shop (Valley Park, MO)
All are the St Louis County area
Yard Work: weed whipping, gardening 
Shopping:  Supplies at Wal-Mart 
Canning:  making pickles


Ginger Dawn...A Spice Below The Horizon said...

Ok, I am so wanting to see the quilts now!!! Your cucumber plants look so good!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I hope they turn out well! I love that you are using your own dill. I have only done homemade pickles once but they were so good! I am hoping to have enough cucumbers and zucchini to do them again this year.

Harry Flashman said...

We haven't got around to canning things yet. But I did get two number 10 cans of dill pickles for $1.00 a can at the Grocery Outlet this week!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Great find Harry!
Lisa, I hope you get a lot too, if not maybe the farmers' market will have some.
Ginger- Did you see the Row by Row Experience? Go here and see what shops are in your area
I don't know how soon I will make them, I'm in the Splendid Sampler and printing patters for the Bee Utiful Quilt along with bees and cats embroidery. Plus I have to finish several quilts where I have pieced the top but not quilted. I have templates too that I need to try, it makes the feathers, circles, flowers using a special foot and acrylic templates.

Kim said...

I have never pickled anything, but it's always something I have wanted to try! My husband and I have said maybe we would try some new cooking techniques or meal prep. Maybe this should be on the list! :)