Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Microwave Bowl Cover

 I made my first microwave bowl cover!
I used Connecting Threads 10 inch squares
and Warm and Natural 100% cotton batting.

I attached a 10 inch fabric square to a 10 inch square of batting
by sewing an X from point to point diagonally.
I  chose two different fabrics because this is reversible.
Do this for both fabric sides.

Then you fold the individual fabric/batting pieces
in half and add darts (for this size)
one inch over from the fold and 2 inches down,
drawing an angled line on the batting.
Do this on all sides to make the bowl shape.
Make sure to watch the tutorial at the link below 
for specific instructions.  It provides sizes to make
a variety of bowls from large to small.

Then you sew each of the fabric/batting pieces together
(fabric right sides together). Sew around all sides leaving a 3 inch  opening.
When complete, turn it inside out and stitch around the edge to finish.
You can't use anything that may catch fire so be very careful
about the materials you use for this.  It should be used only
in the microwave and never leave it unattended while heating.

This was my practice piece.  Now that I see how it is constructed
the next ones will go much more quickly.  I will make sure to either
back stitch or put a knot at the end of my darts to strengthen them.  

You can watch a You Tube tutorial here.  

They use a ruler to measure the darts in this video but 
you could use your grid square and go over one inch
then angle towards the edge until the 2 inch mark is 
on the side.  See the tutorial here

I would recommend watching and reading both of these if you have not made these before.  I think these are a really great gift idea and you could give a set of 
three or four different sizes that will nest inside each other for storage.


Powell River Books said...

That turned out really nice. I need to make some pot holders. Mine are getting a bit threadbare. Mom used to cut up old bed pads for the insides. I think I have one on the shelf in Powell River I should get down and use. - Margy

Scrapatches said...

Cute project. I have been thinking of making some of these, Thanks for the instructions and the links ... :) Pat

Harry Flashman said...

That looks handy. I have two little microwave pots with lids, and I do most of my microwave cooking in those. You are more advanced then I am, I just use an old dish towel.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I was making another one tonight and hit a bulky seam. My needle broke and now my bobbin is making noises. It's going in to the repair shop tomorrow, maybe they will say, Oh we can fix it now and it won't have to stay. Maybe. Probably not.