Friday, January 9, 2015

Bargain- $400 of gifts for $40

It is Christmas all over again in January!
I have been waiting for the 90% off sale at
Three French Hens, an upscale antique/gift shop
  in Wildwood, MO, a suburb of St Louis.

This little shop is off the beaten path, you
would have to know where it is to find it,
or by reading the local Who's Who magazines.
They have amazing furniture, kitchenware, dinnerware
and accessories for any occasion ranging from country French
to Farmhouse, Lodge and traditional pieces.

If you time it right you will arrive during their after Christmas
sale where everything is 90% off.
Yes, you pay only 10% of the retail price.
I saved $400 .  
Just so you don't think I'm blowing smoke, here is my receipt.  
Discount $194.85 + $199.22.
I paid just a little over $40 + tax.
The ticket didn't take into consideration that all
ornaments ($5-7 each) were pre-discounted to $1 each.
I purchased three ornaments and saved at least $15.

I have a deer duo pictured on my coffee table 
so you can see the larger one is good sized.
It started out at $64.95 (I saw it Monday at that price)
but on Thursday it was $6.50 with the smaller deer
originally priced at $12.95, currently $1.30.

An entire collection of future gifts at deep, deep discount.
Frasier Fir Potpourri originally $39.95 at $3.99.

The same holds true for the rest
pull toy horses sale price $1.30

Beautiful glass soap dishes and plates
currently  $1.50 and $1.90. 

Wall hanging now $1.70.  

   Mitten plates for $ 0.79 each.

Metal pocket holders currently $1.90

Ornaments originally $5-7 each are now $1.00.

I purchased the two items below last year 
to give as office gifts this Christmas.
They were originally $18.95 and I hit the $1.00 sale
so I was able to get all 10 people in my group
one of these. $ 189.50 for $10.
(and a set for myself)

I happened to stop by on my way home from work
on an extremely cold day.  The parking lot had only 
three or four cars in it so I knew it would not be crowded.
It turns out that I hit the first day of the sale!
There won't be much left after today, maybe
a lot of (very nice fabric) ribbon, larger tree ornaments, 
the fonds that you can stick into the tree branches and 
they feather out, etc.  The actual gift items are going fast!

It's an amazing sale if you time it right.
I'll tuck most of these away for next year.   


Harry Flashman said...

Wow. You sure got a lot of good things for not much money. It's smart to keep an eye on sales at stores you like. I do that with sporting goods stores.

Powell River Books said...

Those are great deals. I didn't get to any after Christmas sales this year. Too much traveling around. - Margy