Saturday, January 17, 2015

More Savings- Price $269 Paid $29

YOU SAVED $ 239.85!
Another big win!
I have been watching the after Christmas sales
for great opportunities, much better than 
fighting through the Black Friday crowd.

Excluding tax:

Total $268.85
 Cash Payment $ 28.95 

My last post discussed paying $40 for $400 of merchandise
during a 90% off sale at Three French Hens.
Friday and Saturday I caught the $1 Simplicity Pattern sale
at Hancock Fabrics, in addition to finding nice remnant fabric.

While I quilt, I am not a seamstress
but I can only quilt so many quilts 
so expanding into other crafts and clothes
is a logical step but with patterns 
at $15-18 a piece, it didn't make sense.
But at $1 each?  You bet!

Here I have some holiday patterns,
organizers and adult bibs.  I thought
it could be a good project to make for
nursing homes and  maybe one for a messy
Kathy.  I can always count on spilling if
I am wearing something nice!

  Here I have some kitchen items and 
simple clothes.  The New Look was not on 
sale but their prices are less than $4 and
I did like the top.

Some animal patterns for kids.

Toys and organization patterns.
You can purchase a total of 10 patterns at a time 
so I made two trips, 5 during my way home from
work on Friday (since I pass it anyway) and 
then a separate trip today for another 10
plus the one not on sale. 

A couple of flannel squares for $0.69 each.

The best thing about the patterns is that
you can use them over and over again!

Fleece remnants for several patterns I have.
All this for under $30.

If you go to the link, you will see the sales.
Fleece is up to 75% off through January 28, and if you
have a Hancock near you, you won't pay shipping 
but if not, there is a promo code for shipping now too.

I did make a big purchase at Goodwill  
which was next door to the fabric shop.
I like to find discount books and if there is a 
thrift shop with a nice collection I try to stop in.
I did pick up a couple books at $0.79 each but
came across this ceramic bird that looks much
prettier in real life than in this photo.  
At $6 it was my big spend of the day.

All this sewing will come in handy with the new
wood turning item that my husband made me.
I'll save that for another post.


Powell River Books said...

My mother used Simplicity patterns and remnants to make all of our clothes when I was a kid. Now the thrift stores use the patterns to wrap glassware that you purchase. - Margy

Gorges Smythe said...

Congrats on the haul!

Lady Locust said...

Love seeing those savings numbers.

Harry Flashman said...

You've got enough there to keep you busy til you are an old granny!

Manny said...

That is awesome and impressive! I love going to the supermarket and watching my coupons take around ten percent off the bill.