Monday, January 5, 2015

Vacuum Sealed Chicken Thighs $0.99

Our local grocery had chicken thighs on sales 
for $0.99 per pound, a pretty good price on chicken.
We typically stock up during these sales
but in earlier years found that we ended up with 
more freezer burn than meat.

We then invested in a vacuum sealer, 
this one is for home use, it will be 
different if we begin to process our own chicken.
It eliminates the freezer burn so we can
keep meat much longer than in the past.

There is an option for pre-made bags but we
choose to use the roll so we can determine our
own size plus I believe it is less expensive
but takes an additional step. 

You cut the bag to size and place an open side on the
 edge of the sealer, snap the latch and  press Seal.  
Once it seals the light turns off and you can remove the bag. 

Fill the bag and place the open so it overlaps the
suctioning area. Press the vacuum and seal 
button.  It should quickly begin to remove air
and shrink around the meat.

When the  the suctioning sound stops and the light turns off,
you can open the sealer and remove the bags.  Label and freeze.

Of course you can vacuum seal all sorts of things, 
not just meat intended for the freezer.

Here I have three to four thighs in vacuum sealed
bags and two regular storage bags for the thighs 
we will use immediately.

We do the same when we pull pork or purchase hamburger
in bulk. So far we have not had any problems with the 
meat quality.  It is well worth the money, especially when
I hear my co-workers talking about throwing away $20 worth
of meat they forgot in the deep freeze.  

The drawback is that the sealer, being home use,
will not perform well if you are trying to process large batches.  
Most will require a cool down period after so many seals.
At some point we will have to upgrade, particularly if we beging
to process meat birds.


Lady Locust said...

I love the vacuum sealer too. Like you, so far just have the 'home' scale size. I hadn't really thought about a larger one, but if you are doing whole chickens or large quantities a larger one would be great. Our next upgrade will be a 'real' dehydrator.

Harry Flashman said...

That's one of the things my wife and I have thought about intermittently. I think we should go ahead and get one. Even if we didn't use it a lot, it would be handy to have around.

Anonymous said...

I too use my vacuum sealer and it works great - harder on meat with bones - I learned to double wrap them - it works@ no more freezer burn - but I know tend to buy what I know I will use and plan my meals to that - I am not a meat eater so I have challenges

Michelle said...

We use ours all the time. I love it. When processing chicken we do use shrink bags. The vacuum bags just don't open wide enough for the size of the birds.

Powell River Books said...

I've thought about them over the years, but my guess is that they draw a lot of electricity, which would be bad for your solar system. Plus my freezer space is limited in the cabin. We try to buy on sale, but in small enough lots that we can use it up fairly quickly and replace it with the next sale item. - Margy

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

The thigh is the best tasting part of the chicken in my opinion. And I like that you can easily remove the bones from them and make thigh sandwiches with a little catsup.