Friday, June 6, 2014

Storm Damage

The pretty square foot garden shot from yesterday
is quite a different picture today. 

Winds of 70 mph came through Union, MO and across
Robertsville/Catawissa bringing with it downed lines,
snapped trees, blocked roads and blinding rain.
Tree tops broke off and plants lay flattened to the ground.
The National Weather Service is reviewing the damage
to determine if it was straight line winds or a small tornado.

I saw it coming on radar and quickly drove my hour into work.
I didn't want to be in the middle of it, that's for certain.
I got the call from my husband not too long after.

 Trees fell across the road, not sure if I would get home.
Power was out and lines on the ground. 
Extensive tree damage but the house seemed ok.

A 20 ft section of tree top dangles in the front yard.
When you walk or drive down the road you have to 
take care to look not only where you are going,
but also up to see what might be coming down.
It adds a bit more challenge to the daily commute.
We needed a little more than suicidal deer and squirrel
 to add excitement to our drive. 

The ash tree leaning towards our drive was split in several 
sections, you can see a better view below.

It will come down with all certainty and lay across the drive,
so we'll have to cut it down.

In the upper left corner you can see where these large
limbs snapped off.  My husband, along with the rest
of the neighbors jumped into action to remove trees,
limbs and debris that was lining roads and in yards.
He cleared our driveway and moved much of it already
to the brush pile for future burning.

It's amazing how trees just snap.
More amazing that enormous trees can be thrashed 
back and forth so violently and be fine.

Limbs came down like spears, embedding themselves in the ground.
Fortunately no one was standing where any of them hit,
one good thing about it happening so early in the morning.

Of course many trees are not quite down,
and not in an easy position to be cut and know 
how they will fall.  Will they go down easy or kick back?
Hopefully the guys are a good judge.  It wasn't too long ago
that a guy down the way was killed when the tree fell wrong.

There are many more photos I could post,
and this was just at our place, not on the 
county road or up and down our street.

Roads are open and power restored so now it's just clean up.
It's a mess, debris all over but everyone was safe and the 
houses survived.  My husband commented on how upset I 
was when we first built the house and he cut the trees so far 
back.  He said that after going through several serious storms 
over the last 13 years, I'm quite over that now.


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Wind is my least favorite thing for the garden, it knocks down the corn every year unless it is the animal corn which has a huge root system. We have had so much bad wind that most of the trees have already fallen in the past few years. It does provide lots of firewood though.

Carolyn said...

Glad nobody was hurt. We had that same storm (albeit a bit farther South) and it was amazing. We were watching it come in and the trees were being bent so far over I swear the were all going to snap. We only had a few large limbs come down (thankfully not on any buildings or critters) but in town there were downed lines & trees & the road crew worked late to clear county roads from debris.

We needed the rain badly, the wind? Not so much.

Harry Flashman said...

I absolutely dread trees coming down during a storm. I have some big ones right near the house. I also have a hellish time getting my trail down the mountain clear after a storm like that. When my son was home it was not so bad, but now it is just me.

I'm glad you and your family weren't injured, and that your home was ok.

Gorges Smythe said...

The ash tree appears to have been damaged long ago and this storm merely uncovered it. It may be a blessing in disguise.

LindaG said...

You have so many beautiful trees!
We have had limbs in the ground like that many times. Even short ones. Makes you wonder.

I saw a picture of young corn hit by 60 MPH winds and gusts of 80. Similar to yours, I suspect. It was all laid flat.

Maybe it will recover, maybe it's a total loss.

Glad you and your hubby are safe, Kathy. ♥

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We're cutting up what we can for firewood and tonight there is a fire up near the garden to burn what isn't really usable, to clean it up.
We knew the ash tree had a split but this just pushed it over the edge. Several years ago we asked the power company to take it down as they were removing other trees that were growing into lines but they didn't. Too bad.

All in all we were very lucky so I can't complain, other than having now power and having to take a "shower" with gallons of water I had stored in the basement- the very COLD basement!!! Brrrrr.