Friday, June 13, 2014

Rain in the Gardens

April Showers Bring May Flowers, it's said
but what happens when April flows into May and June?
Wow- flowers galore! 
As the iris fade, Stella D'oro takes over,
bees, hummingbirds, wasps and little critters of all sorts
are buzzing, humming, croaking and chirping all day and night.

The hostas are thriving along with the coleus that lines 
the front of their bed.  Mints grow in pots next to rosemary
and various garden flowers.  While the chives are on their last
blooms it seems that someone has been enjoying a nap or two in the tub.

While I struggle with alternating episodes of frizzing or limp hair,
the butterflies seem quite content to sip on nectar once the rain stops.

I'm wondering if the flower gives them their color or 
is it just nature's way of butterfly cammo.

I don't remember what this bush is called but it is 
amazing this year, spreading out over the courtyard in full bloom.

Our walkway is lined with containers of garden flowers
and an herb or two to keep them company.

Surprisingly the critters haven't started digging in the pots yet,
but give them time!  I'll enjoy them while I can.

I still have not thinned out the pumpkin explosion!
Once the rains stop I need to get in there quickly.
I'm hoping someone wants to dig up a patch or two
otherwise we'll be eating pumpkin for decades!

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs.
That's another thing that has been loving the rain forest 
weather we've been having.  I've purposely left some weeds standing,
believing the ones showing the most damage are the most tasty.
I notice that they tend to eat here than munch on the plants I want.
So weeds I keep, especially this one, whatever it is.
If you enlarge the photo you might be able to see the 
potato beetles on it.

I was afraid the storm had damaged the squash but 
it seems to be doing just fine!  

I can't say the same for my husband's cabbages but they will
survive long enough to get into the crock for sauerkraut.

I haven't been around that much lately.  I think it's the rain.
I swim drive home from work and hibernate in the living room.
   I think we're supposed to have a nice weekend so it will be
back to the garden we go!



I know that you have tons of rain but your gardens are so beautiful! I'm having trouble it seems to be raining all around us and I can't keep everything dying left and right....hopefully it will rain really good here and soon. I hope it lets up some for you but again I say Kathy your gardens are so beautiful!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

your garden looks spectacular!
We've had lots of rain too.
It seems to be keeping the grasshoppers eggs from hatching ...I'm happy about that!
Hope you have a sunny and nice weekend.

LindaG said...

Everything looks great! That's a good idea with the weeds. Maybe it's a wild potato.

I haven't noticed any weed that bugs like more than my garden. I'll have to look closer because that's a good idea. :-)

Have a great weekend!

Harry Flashman said...

Even with all this rain, your home place looks magnificent. I really like all the plants you have.

We're still having the same issue with rain every day. I'm getting moss on the cedar shakes that make up the roof of my buildings. I'll have to spray them all to kill it once the weather dries out some. If it ever does.

Susie Swanson said...

Your flowers and garden look really good even though you've had lots of rain. We've had a bunch of it too and it's beginning to take its toll on our garden. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Powell River Books said...

I've been away for five days and have been praying for rain to keep the garden and pots moist enough until I return. Guess we are never happy with the amount of rain we get. - Margy