Monday, March 31, 2014

The Girl Who Shoots in Highlighter Shoes

 She's the sort of girl that grabs your attention,
 she stands out against the backdrop
 and really gets her point across.
Such a colorful personality, I've never seen.

 But OH MY,
Did you see these shoes!?
LOL, they truly are highlighters!

She was practicing with her Daisy Buck BB gun,
a pretty good shot for a beginner,
especially with those distracting colors on her feet.
Although I will say, she's head and shoulders 
above what Pops and I used to wear when we
were teens.  (Anyone remember flannel shirts
and hip hugger, big bell jeans?  I do!)

Fashionable too!
For a crazy girl.
Pop's orange hunting hat,
Grandma's winter scarf,
Highlighter shoes.

This will make such a lovely photo
displayed at her future wedding reception!
Bad Grandma.


Gorges Smythe said...

Some folks follow trends, and some SET them! lol

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I like those shoes! Grandma better be kind, she may put wheels on your walker some day.

Harry Flashman said...

I have GOT to get me a pair of those!! I bet I could cause a riot in town.

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

Three words: Red Ball Jets