Monday, March 31, 2014

Juniper Berries and Kraut

We're trying our hand at making sauerkraut this year
using the pretty crock we picked up last week.
My neighbor, Simone, who is from Germany sent over
some German juniper berries that is essential to 
the kraut recipes that she if familiar with.

There are a variety of recipes and methods
  plus probiotic and anti-inflamatory benefits associated 
with fermenting cabbage so we're eager to try it
this year.  According to sources, the Romans
carried it with them to prevent intestinal infections 
when they were on military campaigns.
In addition, it provides vitamin C which prevents scurvy
and anyone who knows me well enough knows
I'm am peculiarly concerned about scurvy! 
I have no idea why, blame it on my history teachers!

Now, I just have to learn to like it!
It looks like you can add other vegetables to it
which may improve the taste.
Let's hope!


Lady Locust said...

Beautiful crock. Does it have the lid to go with it? So how many pulverized juniper berries per head of lettuce? Or is there some form of measurement? I never thought of putting them in kraut. We have a couple recipes that use it. If you aren't a big fan, maybe try putting just a little in chili. It takes very little, but adds a little tang to the chili that's pretty tasty.

~mel said...

Juniper berries and kraut ~ I must admit I never heard of that combination before. We put caraway seed in ours.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I have never made it with berries but I can see how it would work together. I like making sauerkraut and sauerruben. I still have a jar of it in the refrigerator from last fall, so good on brats, kielbasa or hotdogs. Just keep it under the brine and it will do well especially not that it is warming up.