Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Poor Don't Get a Vacation

The poor don't get a vacation,
as our priest reminded us the other day.
During March and April our church is collecting
canned meat goods for the St Vincent DePaul food pantry.

These would be items such as tuna, pasta with meat, soups with meat,
Spam and chili with meat, etc.  And, as a bonus,
someone or some organization is matching what we collect,
either in cash or product!

 Even if your organization isn't actively donating, 
pick up a few extra cans each shopping trip
and donate to a local food pantry.
It doesn't have to be brand name,  I'm sure the hungry
will appreciate anything you can spare.
I also tend to add a few cans of pet food too, just in case.

(Before anyone complains that you shouldn't have pets
if you can't afford them, sometimes the poor become poor very quickly,
  perhaps through the loss of a job or sudden health issues.)
The poor might be your neighbors and you may have no idea
how they are struggling, so if you can send a few cans over
to the food pantry, please do. 

Don't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
The poor are hungry all year long.


Sunnybrook Farm said...

If you look at income we are well below the poverty line but with growing a lot of our food and working low pay jobs, we do good. I do things like buy a reduced almost out of date roasting hen for about $4 and we just had our 3rd meal off of it not counting sandwiches for lunch. I have made broth out of what was left and will use that in several more meals. Dry beans are soaking to make chili tomorrow with yes reduced meat.

Gorges Smythe said...

Bless you and the others who give.

Manny said...

Having just come from a vacation, you hit a nerve. I will do.

Harry Flashman said...

That's been the case in a big way up here since the 2007 crash. The big First Baptist Church gives away food once a month, and if you go to town the parking lot there (and it's big) is full, while the lines of people snake around the building. The state used to give away cheese but they haven't had any for our county in a long time. Most of the food the state gives away goes to minority districts in ATL.