Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mulch to Sleety Snow

 I stand at the garden wall
 bundled up in my work jacket and pompom knit hat
with rake and clippers in hand.

Taylor drives the four wheeler trailering the wagons of mulch
although Tom backs it down to the top of the wall.
We start raking it out, either letting it flow down the hill
or shoveling into buckets to mulch from the front of the wall.

It's cold and damp.
We've lit the courtyard fire pit both for warmth
and to burn off bits of leaves and limbs.

We're preparing for Spring, but Winter still holds some surprises.

 The pileated woodpeckers have been Demanding suet,
both male and female await their turn
which hopefully means babies will be visiting soon.
They are very aware of their surroundings  so photo
ops are rare except at angles through the screened windows.
 I am considering a  woodpecker suet feeder that has an extension
so they can balance their tails.  Currently they dangle, swinging
back and forth due to their enormous size.

You can see the iris popping up along with some
soapwort and the stella d'oro lillies.

But the morning brought sleety snow,
2-4 inches expected, mixed with rain,
accumulations mostly on grassy surfaces 
and our road which is gravel and would quality as a grassy surface. 

I told my husband I wanted three things out of life this morning.
1.  Coffee
2. Read the Blogs
3.  No SNOW

 They say two out of three ain't bad.
They are wrong!
Oh where, oh where is Spring?


Michelle said...

WOW. I hope we are done with winter. I have blooms on my fruit trees. If it snows or gets to cold I could lose them all.

Gorges Smythe said...

Spring is waiting for the heat-wave and drought.

Candy C. said...

I guess two out of three ain't bad! Sorry to tell you, but we are near 80 all this week. I sure hope we don't get anymore winter "surprises!"