Saturday, March 30, 2013

Little Carts for Little Shoppers

 How cute is this?
Our non-shopper, Taylor, doesn't mind hitch'n a ride with 
Grandma and Pops if we're going to Frick's,
the best little grocery in Union, MO.
They have little carts for little shoppers, 
just perfect for Taylor as we selected our bunny cake
and some good eats for Easter.
 Plus some Nutella for her peanut butter sandwiches! 

They smoke their own meats right in the parking lot, which can be really super bad because it smells delicious and makes you want to run right in and buy up a whole bunch of meat, which we did today-- although ours was raw.  The sales were pretty good so we stocked up on some for the freezer.   By the time we were done, Taylor's little cart was to the top.  It was then that we realized you can't leave the store with the tiny carts.  I guess they have lost several over the years.  Such a shame.   So we repacked her cart into a larger one and headed for the truck.     

   I had to get some photos, as strange as other shoppers
thought I might be.  You see, they can't expand as they are
in the middle of town.  This is town with a real town square where the original courthouse sits smack dab in the center.   

Their parking lot is cramped, hardly large enough to back the truck out of a parking space without running into  a shopper or the car  behind you.  
They are moving to a new location that is not right in the middle of town,
I know their products will be the same, and the workers will likely be the same
but it just won't have that small time grocery that it's been.
Maybe they need to get larger to compete with Wal-Mart down the way 
or the discount grocery that has lots of room and a whole lot of 5 for $25 packages of some sort of meats and fishes that come from China - no thanks, I will pass on those.
Actually, I'll pay a little more if I can trust where I shop.

I guess this is my tribute to small town grocers.
I hope they keep their little carts.

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LindaG said...

I've seen a few stores over the years that had small carts like that, but not many.
I hope they keep the small carts, too.
A Blessed Easter to you all. ♥