Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ancient Grains Bread and Dehydrated Tomatoes

Our dehydrated heirloom tomatoes created a gourmet
treat on our meatless Friday night.

Place dehydrated tomato slices in to a closed container
to which you have added olive oil to cover,
herbs (basil, marjoram , thyme)
 black pepper and sea salt plus crushed garlic.
Allow to soak for several hours.  

I stopped into Whole Foods on my way home from work.
They were sampling their Ancient Grains bread and it was delicious.

     They started with a Bible Bread mix with 
spelt flour and sourdough, there is whole grain barley,
malt flour, flaxseed, bean flour, sea salt, millet,    honey,
 poppy and caraway seeds plus yeast.  It's soft inside
and nicely leathered outside.

We topped the bread with the tomato-herb-oil mixture 
and added other toppings as desired.

I mixed up a nice salad using a garlic dressing, 
mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, red onions and black olives.



Melanie said...

Have never dehydrated tomatoes before, I always can mine. Have wanted to try it though. The bread sounds good, something different to try! Thanks so much for visiting me, please come back again soon!!

Carrie P. said...

looks really yummy. I hope I can get enough tomatoes this summer to dehydrate.