Sunday, March 3, 2013

BBQ Chicken & T's Pepperoni Pizzazs

They are at it again- filling me up with as many delicious 
pizza flavors as they can, 
this time one of my very favorites, 
Tom's BBQ Chicken Pizza and
Taylor's Pepperoni Pizza creations.

Our BBQ Chicken Pizza started out with my husband's homemade pizza dough.

Preheat your oven 550 degrees for 45 minutes.

2 C all purpose flour 
(or 1 C All purpose and 1 C semolina flour)
 2 TBL cornstarch
   1 tsp granulated sugar
  1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1/2 C + 2 TBL water
2 TBL olive oil

  Mix all ingredients, kneed well.
It is an extremely dry dough.
 He rolls it out on parchment paper, super thin, 
so thin you can't pick it up.   Transfer it onto the back
of a cookie sheet in order to get it to the oven 
and place it on the preheated stone.

For the BBQ pizza, we used Sweet Baby Ray's Barbeque Sauce-
sweet and  ever so slightly spicy.
He sprinkled some garlic and red pepper flakes into the sauce as well.
He topped it with grilled chicken breast  cut into cubes,
(spiced with Montreal Steak sauce)
topped it with thin slices of  red onion
and a combination of  mozzarella and  provel cheeses.
 Provel is a combination of cheddar, Swiss and provolone, 
a signature St. Louis cheese.
 Marjoram, basil and thyme are also sprinkled onto the toppings.
 Transfer it, along with the parchment paper, into the oven
 Remove after about 5-6 minutes by transferring it again 
on the back of the cookie sheet and sliding it onto your slicing surface.
It should look like these photos.
This is for an ultra thin crust- like Imo's pizza 
for those that have tried it.

Taylor used the same method to create her pepperoni pizza
although she is a little lighter on the seasonings.
She used  traditional sauce rather than BBQ.
Both were fantastic, especially since I didn't have do a thing,
except enjoy the dinner!


Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

Umm ... Now you're talking!

Candy C. said...

YUM!! I LOVE pizza!! Those both look fabulous, wish I had been there!! :)

daisy g said...

That's a new type of pizza crust recipe for me. Thanks for sharing!