Sunday, July 8, 2012

Foyer Finish

Welcome to our home- Foyer Finish Project.
We built our own home, moving in 11 years ago in September.  There are definite advantages- much lower cost and more control.  We were able to build a much larger home than we could buy in town since we eliminated the middle man costs plus materials were at builder's prices. It was probably a 20% savings in cost.  Not only that but for what we were going to have to spend to get something just slightly larger than our one bathroom place, we would have spent around $250k.  There were no yards and square footage would have been much smaller than what we could build just outside of town.  Our plan was to invest out here and then sell after the children left and we were close to retirement.  Then we would build something smaller for cash where we would have better land for gardens, some animals and outbuildings. 

Conversely, there's no time table to complete the finishing touches but we're one step closer!  The house is a reproduction of a Beaufort, NC home from the 1700s called The Beaufort with modifications inside.  We changed it even more extending the kitchen to meet the dining room and relocating the bathroom to the storage and utility areas that would have been in the garage.  We enclosed that to be in a hallway so we'd have a mudroom and deep freeze area.  We designed the trusses to accommodate a real attic, with walls and flooring for storage.  It's accessible by drop down stairs in our bedroom that actually work like steps.  You can walk them instead of climbing like a ladder.  We also eliminated the first floor rear porch, making it part of the great room.  We have a deck behind the garage instead.  We also replaced the whirlpool tub with a salvaged claw foot tub which allowed us to extend the master bath shower for more comfort.  

The foyer had not been trimmed.  My husband is a very good carpenter so he can do this all himself.  For those that read the lumber post, this wood is purchased, not made from our cedar trees.  

He stained the wood.

Painted the base coats and made the cuts.  I"ll admit I hated the green at first- it was very green, like a crayon, but it darkened up after a few coats of paint.  I do like the yellow which also extends into the hallway.

The front rooms are the "formal" rooms, in keeping with tradition.  The dining room has been done for awhile so the foyer was next.  There is a front living room that we call the library which will be the next project.  It is a place for the computer printer, the ham radio, the piano, reference books and nick nacks.  

Taylor was a big help too, fetching tools and lending an extra hand.  
We still need to fill the nail holes, touch up walls with a final coat, hang pictures and bring in the front hall tree (an antique piece from my grandmother's home).

He did a wonderful job with the dining room.  The paint is a burgundy with a high gloss white oil paint. The foyer colors go well with the rich burgundy.

At the end of the day, the guys' reward.  Beer and BBQ ribs.

I'm not sure where are plans are now with the economic changes but I think we're better off out here, outside of town even if we spend a little more in transportation costs.  Things get completed a little more slowly and we do all the work ourselves so maintenance costs are minimal.  Taylor enjoys the freedom of being able to walk the gravel road up to Papa's house, run through the woods, drive the four wheeler or spend a lazy day on the river with Grandma and Pops.  

Mark this project off the list.


Gorges Smythe said...


Michelle said...

The Foyer looks great. I also like the dinning room. We also commute, so we can live outside of town. It is so worth the travel time.

Lisa said...

Looks beautiful and very historic! What talented craftsmen you all are. I love all the moldings and trim...thanks for some great ideas!


Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

That's some nice work there. Wish I were that talented.

Do you really need an alarm way outside of town? (I see it on the door.) I just make stickers on my computer saying Shadow Alarm Systems and put them on a few windows and doors. The crooks don't know any better, although they still steal stuff OUTSIDE the house.

"Claw foot tub." One of my favorite phrases after, "soup's on!" and "play ball!"

Manny said...

Very nice! Hey I have a few jobs around my house your husband could do. :-P

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

It's always good. You never know. Of course there are some other protections devices in place here too!

Forty Pound Sack said...

Beautiful! You and your hubs have great skills ~

Candy C. said...

How beautiful and I LOVE the high ceilings! :)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Thank you all- Manny, why do your comments always go to my Spam account? I found you though!

He finished the trim on the back side of the hallway opening today, painting it tomorrow. The formal side is stained, the back side leading into the great room is white.

It's taken 11 years to get this far! LOL

Manny said...

I don't know! I'm glad you did. There are times when I comment on Pjmom that the comments don't go through. I wonder if they've been spammed.