Thursday, July 12, 2012

eBook Pioneers -

One of our fellow bloggers has started a new company, eBook Pioneers.  I am not well versed on this but I know a couple of people that have published books or novelettes for eReaders.    I asked him if he would say a few words about his service.  Please take a few minutes to visit his site at this link

eBook Pioneers is just a company that makes eBooks. Publishers and
self published writers both need someone to take their print books and
make eBook versions of them. This is not as simple as it sounds. It
generally means taking some kind of word processor file such as a Word
.doc and turning it into an HTML page. An eBook is essentially an HTML
web page, but it requires special formatting and a certain amount of
knowledge of the various eReaders on the market to do correctly. 

Self publishing is all the rage now that digital distribution has become
free and easy via sites like Amazon; Barnes & Noble; KOBO; and iBooks,
but in order to publish books at those markets it requires uploading
special files that an eReader can read. And while there are some tools
on the market for converting things like Word .docs or .pdf files into
mobi and epub files (the two files that are used by eReaders such as
Kindle and Nook), not one of them is easy to learn or works very well.
Very few people can manage to output proper eBook files with them even
when used correctly. Most find it very frustrating trying to figure
all this out for themselves. 

Making PROPER eBooks really means making all the internal files by hand using HTML and XML markup along with CSS style sheet language where you have complete control of the process. Publishers seldom have anyone on staff who knows anything of the procedure either. It's one thing for a typesetter to make print books. But what do they know of computer markup languages? So this is where companies like mine come in. Just send us the manuscript and we'll make the eBook files (epub and mobi) for you.

If you have any questions, you will find contact information plus FAQs on his site.