Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Relaxing Today

This is what it did today.

Not much snow, shouldn't be a problem, right? Oh so wrong. The little bit of snow melted and flash froze to ice as hundreds and hundreds of motorists were making their way to work today. Most of our major highways were shut down at one time or another. Exit and entrance ramps were at a standstill. The radio stations were reporting car, truck and tractor trailer accidents every few minutes including a 17 vehicle pile up.

Granted this photo was taken early, we ended up with just a little more than this but it was coupled with high winds that caused some almost white out conditions. We live on a ridge top and the hill going down is steeper than it appears. I had to go down in 4WD low range, in first gear. That was the easy part.

After 45 minutes I was able to travel all of 6 miles. Six. There is a tiny hill in Pacific, more of a slope, that cars could not get up, particularly the rear wheel vehicles. They were sliding backwards into oncoming traffic. I called my husband, who was also on the road,and said I was bailing out at the sand plant, the last opportunity to turn around before I hit the hill. Another 45 minutes later, dodging vehicles strewn about the roads, I was home, parked and changing into comfy clothes. I powered up the laptop, logged into our network and put on my Out of Office message.

Now what? My husband is a great vacation day taker. If it's nice he fishes. If it's nasty he might read a book, watch a good movie, nap or see if the neighbor is about. Not me. I have to do something.

What did I do?
*Washed the dishes
*put out the bird feeders
*put out food for the stray cats
*sewed up the three sections of my quilt
*Washed and dried the black fabrics for my quilt border and backing
*Organized my portion of the closet segregating the bad, donate and items for potential repurpose. This is no small task, our bedroom is on the second floor and the closet was built to run along the staircase so it is probably 7 x 16 with shelves along one whole wall, upper and lower racks on the other and a small full length rail. Then we have two rolly bins for socks, underwear etc. We have our clothes plus sheets, towels and racks for books, hats, scarves, etc. above the bins.
*took all my clothes off the closet shelves for refolding and stacking
*Did several additional loads of laundry and put some away

*I went through some of my scraps-I want to make those wonky squares sometime. I want to make those cute quilt houses too.
*I sorted through some charm squares but I need more maroonish colors to try out my little twister.
*I turned on tv and watched some home makeovers, not that mine is getting made over. I'd just like it finished.
*I looked out the window, down into the woods, and saw a Rottweiler running along the deer trail. That was unusual, we don't really have too many stray dogs out here.
*Sorted and organized books that were laying out

What a vacation day! I sure hope the weather is better tomorrow, this vacation is killing me!


Lisa said...

oh I want some snow! We don't get it very often and it is such a treat for us! Your quilt colors are beautiful. Can't wait to see it finished.

Manny said...

Please keep that stuff your way. I don't want any. ;)

Teresa said...

I feel lucky now that we haven't had that bad weather. It looks like you made good use of your day off.

3rnigerians said...

I'm with Lisa, I want some snow too. I am so glad you got out of the ice and got back home safe. You sure got alot done while you were "vacationing" today. When do you rest Kathy? I love the quilt fabric in this post. Who makes the squiggly rick rack on black background fabric? It's so fun.

Candy C. said...

Yikes! What a mess on the roads! Sounds like you did the right thing by going back home! Hopefully, it will all be gone soon!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

The colorful fabric is a piece that says Totes on Bolts. It came from a clearance sale of scrap pieces. I looked it up on line and it might be a panel piece that you can make a tote out of. It combines flowers, hearts, squiggles,etc. I see a photo of it at this site, there are some really cute panels!:

Trudy Graves said...

Kenny was awfully happy to make it back home last night! Still a long commute cause the roads were still a bit dicey. Needless to say he took my Jeep this morning to work! Better tires and better heat! It was a tad chilly out there this morning! LOL

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

You had a busy day!

We had one of those snow turning into freezing ice mess last year. What a nightmare!