Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Making Progress

Now that company has departed I had a few minutes to sew up this quick little fat quarter quilt- remember, the one I made the bad cut on (this one) . I got these fat quarters months ago when my quilt shop had a clearance sale. That means I could not replace the three that I cut improperly- three because they are stacked when cut. Cut one wrong, cut three wrong. That's the last time I do that! I had pieced them together using bits of the coordinating fabric. It won't be perfect but what the heck, it's just something fun to do. It looks better in real life than in this photo. The light green has polka dots and the yellow actually has little stripes running through it, sort of tone on tone.

I sewed the three sections together sideways and now need to sew those larger three sections together then put my black border fabric in the wash so it won't bleed all over everything the first time this is cleaned. I'll have to wash the backing too since it is dark.

It's Wednesday which means my quilt shop stays open past 4, long enough for me to stop by on the way home from work. My car tends to automatically exit the highway each and every Wednesday for a quick chat and perhaps a small purchase. Today I needed the border and backing. An added plus is my monthly coupon which covered 20% off on any fabric containing both black and white.

She had some coordinating fabric from the same line as a piece or two that I have. I had wanted to use the black, small flowered material for the outer border but the pink polka dot will do, maybe even better because it will make it seem like a lighter quilt. However, I found the sale fabric with these really big, pretty mums for the backing. If I don't like the front when it's completed I know I'll like the back. The pink polka dot might be used for the binding too.

The pattern is a small quilt, kid sized, but since Taylor got a BIG one, I just thought I'd make this just because.

As I have been collecting bits and pieces of fabric I came across these pretty selections that will become something small but fun. Anyone have any ideas?

quilt pattern image credit


3rnigerians said...

Looking good Kathy! I LOVE that mums fabric. The last image of brights would sure make a cute kids quilt or one of those little wonky house quilts.

Candy C. said...

I love the bright colors of the fabrics in the last picture! I think your "mistake" quilt is coming out just fine! Keep us updated! :)


I love to sew, and love fabrics! Kathy so glad you stopped by Hibiscus House! That allowed me to find you and your great blog, so I am now following you....Nice to meet you.