Thursday, January 5, 2012

Big Choices!

Like every quilter I am already planning my next project before I even have all the fabric cut for my current one-or finished the actual quilting for the pieced project I just finished (LOL). I have BIG Choices now, although I know which way I am leaning.

I will be making the smaller quilt with the pinwheels but not in the polka dot fabric. I have a bunch of 1930s fat quarters so I picked five in blue, red and a splash of yellow. You can see there is no border between the pinwheels and the center full piece so I went on a fabric search.

I have my choice of this 1930s fabric with the fruit that would be perfect for the colors and the style. The drawback is that it is as bold as the pinwheels. Is it too much? I have many other projects I can use this for in case it doesn't work out here.

Or, I have this fabric that fits the quilt pattern suggestions of a larger print; however, it is a lighter blue with flowers. It's not from the same 1930s line. A couple of people at the store liked it but I'm on the fence. Again, I can use this with lots of other things if not used here.

I'm not sure which one would look better. I think I'll make the pinwheels and then line them up on the different fabrics to see what works better. Then choose the borders.

If anyone has suggestions, let me know!


BoPeep said...

So the whole center of the quilt is just one solid piece of fabric? If so, I would absolutely go with the fruit. Your pinwheel fabric choices all have a colored background (mostly). This will make your pinwheels appear 'heavier' against the white background of the fruit print. The light blue is pretty and looks period, but doesn't pack much of a punch when stacked up against those pinwheels. Because you don't have any piecing in the center, you need the print to be interesting enough to hold its own. My 2cents, for what it's worth. :)

Candy C. said...

I kinda like the fruit material but your plan to make the pinwheels first sounds like a good idea! :)

3rnigerians said...

So pretty Kathy!
That is a tough decision. I agree with your idea to make the pinwheels first and lay em on each possible border. I wonder, what does the binding look like? If it's dark, the white border might look real swell, but a dark blue binding would also accentuate the pretty blue allover print too... BIG Decisions is right... Those are the kind of decisions we like though. Maybe you could have a POLL? That'd be fun, just to know what the majority of ladies think.

3rnigerians said...

Dear Kathy,
I have awarded you the Liebster Blog award! Stop by My blog to pick it up! Hugs!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

HEIDI- THANK YOU! I'll have some more big decisions to make!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

ALL- Yes, big decisions on the quilt- I too am leaning towards the apples. I'll make the pinwheels and then lay them out, probably repost for more suggestions. I have not picked out the borders or binding yet but I have coupons for my quilt shop and she has a whole section of 1930s to choose from. I have more fat quarters stashed away too but they are much lighter in color. Blues, pinks, purple, yellow and greens.

Greg and Donna said...

I am doing a pinwheel quilt too. I like the blue/white print, I have the same one in Pink/white.