Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Day After Christmas

It's the day after Christmas in our ridge top home,
and for a couple of hours we're all alone.
There is ribbon and wrapping floating around,
A broom and a mop will have to be found.

Mom's gone to meet someone in the Valley below,
And chat over lunch about old friends they know.
We'll be off in search of a heated water dish,
the strays are not pleased, a drink is their wish.

We went to church Christmas Day morn,
then back to the house to cook up a storm,
I then covered up, since I was wearing white,
Before making the dinner we'd all eat that night.

I had opened my gift as Pops tended the bird.
I was still in my duster, no one spoke-not a word!
But washing I'll do when all else fails,
As longs as I save up the buckets and pails.

We had pretty girls: little T and her mom,
Bangles and baubles,toys and Pops Tom.
There were cookies and candies, all so sweet,
It's all Taylor could do to not eat every treat.

We had Christmas Eve next door at my husband's parents' house, a wonderful brisket, rosemary potatoes, appetizers and pies for dessert. The next day was celebrated at our home with the traditional turkey dinner and pies by my mom. The day was a little odd since Becky had to take Taylor around to her Dad's side of the family in the morning but in the afternoon she made her way back here to open gifts, and gifts there were! Santa left her a sled filled with small packages, each one holding her explorer gear. She and Pops are going to work on how to use a compass, how to find your direction in the woods (our back yard) so she can follow the directions to find something he has hidden away.

I completely forgot that I threw a duster over my white sweater while I helped my husband load the turkey into the oven and here I am with it on in the Christmas photos. My daughter got me the hand washing tool that was recommended by our fellow blogger. I'm not sure Mom understood why I wanted it, but it will surely come in very handy.

Taylor; however, was more on the fashionable side with her new pink feather from Great Grandma Ann and sparkly hat from Linda, a friend from work. All in all it was a busy day and we were totally exhausted by the time the sun set.

Mom is here for a couple more days and Wednesday our son arrives to visit. We'll be busy for the next few days so posting will be minimal. I can't wait to see how others spent their holiday. Take care- I'll be reading when I can.


shadowlands said...

A poet and we didn't know it !

What a story of a day, wonderful.

I too have lots of clearing up washing to do.

And recycling all the wrappings and cardboard boxes, I've been busier than ever.
You reminded me to take time to reflect on fun and laughter.

Our day was good, but prepared, I, was not!!(personal(eg kids, financial and housing stresses).

All will be well, eventually.

Just the New Year to prepare for now. I'll try and make a more convincing effort!

God Bless to you, Tom and family, enjoy the rest of your holidays.

Candy C. said...

Love your poem! Looks like a good time was had by all! Enjoy your company!

TLW said...

Love the poem Kathy - you're a talented writer. Your daughter is very pretty and why not? She looks just like you! At least I think so. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas with family. Tell us more about the pies.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Mom made the pies- pumpkin and pecan. I'll post her recipes (after she leaves shhhhhh)! She doesn't know I blog. lol

Annie said...

It looks like you all enjoyed your Christmas holiday. Can you share how the handwashing tool works? I have not seen one of those before?

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Annie- yes, as soon as company leaves I'll get something up. I haven't tried it myself yet so it will be a demo for all of us! I'll also link to the blog that I found it on, there may be a video there too.

Catawissa Gazetteer said...

Please, keep my drawers out'a the upcoming demo - and pictures!