Thursday, December 1, 2011

Compact Beauty

I am linking up with The Brambleberry Cottage and Deborah Jean's Dandelion House today, showing off some of my treasures. As some of you know, my grandmother never threw out anything. Many thought her house was filled with junk. They didn't look closely enough to see the treasure.

What about these pretty vintage compacts. What a nice Christmas present something like this would make. They are not digital, not plastic and most definitely green- just fill them up and there you have it, instant beauty!

This metal compact was my mother, Ann's. I love the detail and heart shape. The compact is really silver but the lighting makes it appear golden.

What could be better than a pretty gold compact graced with engraved feathers and a loving couple in the middle. What do you think of the art deco powder and rouge purse?

If anyone finds a better powder, you better make a fast call to LaMay! A five thousand dollar reward still sounds good today!

I found a newspaper article Pittsburgh Press 1917 that boasts No White Lead- No Rice Powder. This looks to be one from 1922- see the link and photo for this particular compact here gold hinged compact.


Ames said...

These are beatiful. I loved watching old black and white movie from the 40's and these remind me of the glamorous art deco style of that era.~Ames

Michelle said...

What a great find. I love old stuff like that. And it has history behind it . Which makes it even more special.

Candy C. said...

Those are really cool and I love your mom's heart shaped compact! :)

shadowlands said...

Hi Kathy, it's Ros. I had to get a new blog as my last one got taken over by an American advertising website. hOPE YOU ARE WELL.