Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Purchases- Quilt Stuff

I had a big decision yesterday, what should I do? I had a coupon for 10 fat quarters for $15 but it was good only for a couple of days, and my quilt shop is open late only on Wednesdays. I can't get there before they close on any other day, even if I go directly there without passing Go and collecting $200. Now, my son just arrived in town and I hadn't seen him yet. He's waiting at our house.

Do I take 10 minutes to stop or go home? Which one? Will I miss the sale? But I haven't seen my son . . .

I am pleased to tell you that, being a loving mother. . . I drove directly to the quilt shop. Yes, I did. I had pre-selected my fat quarters so I was able to park immediately in front of the door, ran in, picked my fabric and had to wait for her to cut someone's fabric. But just one, so only an extra five minutes - max. Then I drove home and left the package in the car so he didn't notice I made a stop along the way.

Here is a photo of my purchases for the last two days using the cash I received for Christmas. You will see 10 fat quarters that will join the other 1930s fabric in my stash. A Twelve Days of Christmas panel, three yards of brown fabric for all my cream, tan and brown patterned fabric and a set of quick quilt patterns.

I guess I won't win Mom of the Year, but I am really developing a nice fabric stash. That must count for something! At least I had homemade cookies all ready for him and they are disappearing fast so they must be yummy.


3rnigerians said...

LOL! I LOVE this post. We've all been there. I recall on one occasion, when my son complained that I loved my fabric more than him because I went to my local quilt shop in pajamas during a "Pajama Day" Sale- in which they would only give you the sale prices IF you were wearing pajamas. Poor guy, how embarrassing it must have been to have his Mom out in public in pj's. I love the fat quarters. I'm a sucker for 30's retros and civil war repros. Great haul Kathy!

Michelle said...

Don't feel bad. I would of done the same. There's just something about fabric and a deal. You can't resist it.

Candy C. said...

OMG! That is just TOO funny AND we can all relate! ;-) At least you left your stash in the car so he wouldn't suspect!