Monday, November 21, 2011

Just Like Steak N Shake Does It

Is there anything better than a Steak N Shake french fry? Thinly sliced, petite and salty? Yummmy! My husband was home today so he got a jump on dehydrating another 30 lbs of potatoes after the grocery store had a tremendous Thanksgiving special- 10# for less than $2.00! I said it would be great to have some homemade potato chips tonight too.

He got out the mandolin and began slicing, 12 trays in the dehydrator -to start- and a couple of potatoes into chips and, to top it off (drum roll please) Steak N Shake style fries!

We had to experiment with the chips a bit. The first ones were a little too thin and crispied up quickly. I have to tell you - they were still great! The thicker ones cooked a little better. They were good too! He sprinkled popcorn salt on them to give a nice overall coating but me, being the bad person that I am, added a few shakes of the regular stuff too.

Good eats!

Side Note:
Notice the old style stoneware? My resale shop find, a complete 12 piece set for $10. I love the old stoneware even if it does chip and crack! I have another complete set, even serving dishes, in the basement from a roadside estate sale!


Kelly said...

Those look so good, I can never seem to get the homemade fries just right :(

Manny said...

That looks delicious! $2 for ten pounds. That's a great deal.

Michelle said...

I love homemade fries. I add frie salt that I got from work for season fries. I could eat a whole plate.

Candy C. said...

Your fries look great and I LOVE old stoneware! I have a couple of BIG plates that I use for platters!

Pam said...

There's nothing quite like homemade fries or potato chips. I recently got a mandolin and it has completely rocked my world. :)

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

I HATE S&S fries! Those puny things are too skinny to even stab with a fork. They're the biggest reason I don't go to S&S. Gimme some good old deep fried potato planks with the skin still on them any day!

On the other hand, they say that potatoes turn into sugar as soon as they hit your stomach, so let's skip the fries and go straight to the pie.

Anonymous said...

Greetings From Southern California

Your homemade fries look good. I think I need a snack break now :-)

Thanks for your recent visit to My Blog

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Thanks everyone, except Yahoo (LOL-just kidding) NOT like Steak & Shake fries? Are they better on the Missouri side? You know, I do love the thicker ones like they have at steak houses- the kind that are really super not good for you. They might have bacon pieces and melty cheese plus a sauce to dip them in. I make those at home occasionally but not too often. They are so very, very good. I'll go with your pie idea though.