Saturday, October 29, 2011

Purina Farms Haunted Hayloft - A Kid's (Not So Scary) Event

It was a fantastic Friday night--Tops on the list was Purina Farms annual Halloween event, the Haunted Hayloft with our granddaughter, Taylor, my daughter, Becky, Pops and I. As you can see it's loaded with the cutest animals in Halloween finery from goats to pigs plus cats and dogs.

Now you see, this was also World Series Friday with our own St Louis Cardinals ready to take on the Texas Rangers- such a dilemma! Well, after some discussion it was settled. We would meet in Gray Summit (MO) at 5 PM, after all, it ended at 7:30 and with a 7 PM start, we wouldn't miss much. Anyway, I knew attendance would be light, even better for us.

We met in the parking lot and made a bee line to the Hayloft where awaited mazes of straw with crawly tunnels, corn cribs swinging ropes and the "spooky" haunted loft. Spooky if you call sleepy piggies, strutting chickies and goats in bee costumes spooky- too funny.

Having been there for the past several years, we were ready for the big stuffed dog to stand up or grab your hand (LOL)! We dashed into the strobe light room to dance round and round, laughing as we seemed to move from here to there instantaneously! Taylor, of course, had to lay down in the "grave yard." She must be our little zombie since she was able to rise up and get her bag of candy.

The Haunted House was not really this bright but my camera doesn't do well without the flash. They had some "spooky" scenes.

And some not so spooky too!

There is always the magician with his rope tricks. (Shhhh, we'll just pretend we didn't see that rope hanging out of his coat)

There were the herding demonstrations plus some jumping over at the pool area.

They are famous for their multi story Victorian Cat house complete with furniture and carpeting. You can climb the staircase to the top and watch them all the way up.

Always a story telling, the same one each year. This is the part I look forward to!

There are hay rides, face painting, pumpkin painting, food and drinks, cow milking demonstrations, animal petting and jack-o-lanterns everywhere you look.

Plus lot of history, displays and hands on things for kids to do.

And guess what???? CARDS WIN!!!!!

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Candy C. said...

Looks like a "fun" haunted hayloft!
What a great baseball game that was! :)