Friday, October 28, 2011

Surprise Radishes

Look what I found! On my way to the chicken coop I decided to check the couple of raised beds on the side of the house. I planted some radish seeds plus collards but they hadn't done much. Well it was wet and cold, my husband had just had oral surgery so I offered to put up the birds for him. As I passed by I noticed something red and guess what! Radishes, several of them, and they were big!

Our spring radishes were a failure. First the cold, wet spring with buckets of rain. Then came the sweltering heat with bugs aplenty. No radishes, lettuce or whatever kohlrabi is - that's my neighbor's choice. Everything bolted.

Now we have radishes, and they are hot. They aren't keeping as well as store bought radishes. They are softening so I've done something wrong- or didn't do something. Either way, we know it's better for us to grow them in the fall next year. But just look at them- how pretty!

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Candy C. said...

They are gorgeous! I have found that when they get big they get hotter. They will also keep better when picked at "normal" radish size. Not that the ones *I* picked yesterday are normal size! LOL!!