Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Front Porch Living

When the sun is shining and the weather is hot, we have front porch living.
No need to stay inside with the air conditioning running, it's plenty cool out here. I can bring out a bite to eat and maybe a drink or two. We can watch the road in case a car drives by. If we don't recognize it we'll speculate on who it might be and which house they were visiting.

When the clouds arrive and pour down rain, we have front porch living.
We can bring out some music and watch our granddaughter dance back and forth. I'll make a vegetable platter with different dips plus a few crackers and cheese. We can sit by the old ice cream table from my grandparents' Rexall Drug store.We'll be high and dry under the 9 ft porch.

If we want to have morning coffee, we have front porch living.
Or maybe we would eat dinner at the patio table brought around from the back deck where it is much, much too hot. These days we might just light the oil lanterns when the sun sets as we enjoy the cool Autumn evenings.

You might have a cat or two (or six) for company, perhaps more than that if you hold real still. We have Disney on parade after night falls: opossums, raccoons, cats and a host of creepy insects will soon arrive.

The second floor has an identical porch, twins up and down. The upstairs is where you place the loungers for a quick nap without cats for company. It's where the little swallows build their next on top of the ceiling fan or where little Taylor can look out her bedroom window and watch the world go by.

I love front porch living.


dr momi said...

Nicely written....the front porch is a GREAT place!

Lisa said...

Beautiful! I also love porch living! It is so relaxing to sit out on the porch and visit. I love the Andy Griffith shows. Especially the scenes on Andy's front porch where everyone is rocking and singing while Andy plays the guitar. It is a gracious way to live. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures!

3rnigerians said...

I love front porch living too, but tonight it's expected to freeze so I am going to stay inside and look out at that front porch from over the rim of a cup of cocoa. I love this post and your beautiful photographs. Thank you for sharing.

Michelle said...

I want to live there!!!

Candy C. said...

Oh man, love your second story porch!! We have a nice big front porch too with a nice view of the mountains to the north. Just the place for an adult beverage after a hard day! :)

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

"where the little swallows build their next...."


None allowed at my house. I keep a close eye out for them and knock them down just as they're getting started. Otherwise they're keep coming back year after year.

Manny said...

Kathy, I've been having trouble with Blogger again. I commented on this blog the day you put it out but I've realized none of my comments have gone through. It's very strange. I can comment if I log in through Fire Fox but not through explorer. All of my comments for the past week never went through.

Anyway, what I said on this blog was what a lovely home you have. Yes, this would be a home I would love to own. Kudos.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Explorer doesn't work well with Blogger so I use Chrome. If I have to use my work laptop (at home) it only can have explorer and I have to comment as anon. But thank you for commenting!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

I love porch living myself, Kathy. I have a porch across the front of my cottage and off my master bedroom. On most days, I'd much rather be out there, than inside.

Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope to see you again this week.

Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

The house is (outside) a reproduction of a North Carolina home from the 1700s (Beaufort by Wm Poole) but we enclosed the back porch to make the living room larger, eliminated the butler's pantry to make the kitchen larger and of course the inside is modernized. His newer version also has a porch for the master bedroom. Ours unfortunately, benefited the kids.