Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Fall Morning on the Ridge Top

It's October 1st on the ridge top. There is a briskness in the air, almost frosty. The house is pleasantly cool after a windows-open night where you snuggle up in blankets and listen to the barred owls call across the valley. You wake up to the rooster's call and rustling trees as squirrels scamper to and fro gathering their acorns for the winter stash.

Pumpkins, pumpkins all in a row, big to little, wouldn't you know! The garden's gift to the children, plenty for all three families this year. They aren't so big but they sure are pretty.
Will we paint them? Maybe we'll just leave them as they are to enjoy their natural beauty?

The marigolds are still hanging on. These have always been some of my favorites with their rich color and the heavy aroma that some find offensive, although I haven't a clue why. I consider them to be my "old faithful" flower, never lets me down.

The burning bushes have started to turn now, probably a bit early due to our strange weather. I planted the entire west side of our foundation in burning bushes with a sand cherry in front of the chimney. It stands almost, but not quite, mid way along the side of the house also displaying its purplish red colors.

The wild sumac, all decked out in red and green, celebrates an early Christmas, Hawaiian style with an almost tropical appearance. Mele Kalikimaka to all of you!

Not to be outdone, the goldenrod is in full display, swaying in the cool breeze as it calls out to late season bees.
And what is this? Who might live here? Or it is a squirrel's safety deposit box? A guardian daddy long leg sits at the entrance, nestled on the northern moss. I am not much of a spider person but I have always liked these little puffballs, making sure I take them back outside when they are trapped in the house.

One of the strays hangs out down by the chicken coop, standing on the bins begging for attention. If you look closely you will see her drooling, a trait both she and her sister have in common earning one of them the nick name Drooly Cat. As soon as you begin to pet or cuddle with them you end up a damp mess.

As the morning gives way to afternoon, I prepare peppers for dehydrating. Such pretty beauties at a farmer's market deep discount. Actually, I prefer them this color with all the yellow-orange sweetness. They share the dehydrator with my first attempt at dried apples which I soaked in lemon juice after being cored and sliced.

The coffee is now put away, we're all showered and dressed in our work clothes. Little Taylor runs in for a quick PBJ and chips before another round of bike riding with the neighbor girl. I hear the chain saw in the distance preparing our side lot for next season's planned orchard. The logs will be prepped for firewood and, according to little T, a log cabin playhouse for her!

I sent her quilt out to the long arm quilter yesterday- some of you may have seen the past posts. I should have it back in a week or two, in plenty of time for her November birthday.

Well, I have laundry on the line, bathrooms to clean and porches to sweep but I might take a few moments to watch the hubby pull around trees. I can clean bathrooms when it get dark!

Welcome to Fall- I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Candy C. said...

Ah Kathy, you do have a way with the words! :) I feel as if I'm right there with you on this beautiful fall morning!

Intentional Living Homestead said...

Love all those pumpkins.