Saturday, August 20, 2011

She Has Him Right In the Palm of Her Hand

I always knew my granddaughter had her Pops right in the palm of her hand and here's the proof! We were going to go out on the jon boat but woke up to stormy skies. It wasn't long after the big clap of thunder that we hear a little voice from upstairs shouting, "Grandma? Pops? !!!!" (Pops is my husband) click photo to enlarge

Finally the storm let up, the sun came out and off to the park we went, fishing poles, worms and Straw-Nana Bug Juice in hand. We baited up Taylor's hook on her new light spinning rod and the fishing began. It wasn't long before she had her first bite, and she hooked it!

It's a nice little pond, easy access and full of small hungry sunfish eager to pounce as soon as a worm hits the water. This is her first spinning rod, using a basic princess Zebco reel up until now, so there was a short tutorial on the new method of casting. Aside from a few tangles she was soon pretty good, holding her own as the girls beat the guy with fish caught. Of course Grandma Kathy (or the Katinator as I now call myself) could pick out just the right spot. Suddenly EVERYONE was fishing MY SPOT! LOL

Taylor can be little princess (at first glance) but she's all tomboy underneath! She was the official Worm Girl cutting off bits and pieces to conserve our bait. We treat her like a person, not a girl, so she can be well rounded and skilled in a variety of areas.

It might be a nice day in the park to her but she's really learning patience, hand-eye coordination and survival practices. She has a Bear Scout bow, her Shakespeare fishing pole, a Daisy BB gun and her treasured pocket knife. She knows how to use them and respects what they can do so there is no misuse - and always with adult supervision.

She'll grow up having fun, experiencing camping, fishing, hunting and boating. She'll also know how to style her hair, makeup and what shoes compliment her pretty dress. She'll be able to cook venison over an open fire as well as baking the perfect chocolate cake. A well rounded person. And, to borrow a line from a country song, she thinks she just fishing.


Manny said...

What a sparkling personality! She's a sweety. God bless her.

Dollwood Farms said...

Awesome post. Enjoy her always!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Love the first photo. :) And so nice to know that your granddaughter is growing up to be who she really is, rather than trying to conform her to what some people believe girls should be.

kateri @

Catawissa Gazetteer said...

And I keep reminding her that given a choice between a cute, high maintenance princess and a cute girl that can clean a fish, shoot a gun, get dirty without complaining and knows the words to a whole bunch of Merle Haggard songs most boys are going to make a bee line for the country girl.

She just thinks I'm silly.


Meg said...

I love the "palm of her hand" picture! That turned out awesome! :-)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Thank you!

Donna said...

How cute! Great picture