Saturday, January 29, 2011

Seeking Spring

Little green leaves popped their heads up through the pebbles and dried broken weeds, remnants of Fall's last hurrah. We have a reprieve - two short days between last week's lingering piles of snow and the imminent wintry mix awaiting us on Monday. Today the sun is shining, reflecting off of our white siding, warming the area on our western facing deck. One of the stray cats figured out how to climb the supports and throw herself up to the rails so she sits on my lap savoring these brief moments of warmth and comfort as I pet her and give her nose a few little kisses.

It's a nice reminder that Spring is around the corner, a bit of hope. It won't be long before our gardens are lush and green, hummingbirds will swoop down out of the blue seeking nectar from the columbines and bee balm and we listen to the cries of nestlings perched high in the treetops.

Take a few minutes to brush aside the leaves that have compacted during winter creating a warm winter blanket. Find your own signs of springs.

my bird bath


me said...

I keep noticing the little birds. Very encouraging hopeful post Kathy. Thank you. God bless you too, also your family. Still haven't unpacked that processoer, maybe Monday. I'll be chef of the year in no time!!!

Mary Christine said...

It is reassuring to realize that there is life awaiting. And surely it shall burst forth!