Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting Crafty

Place a chair in front of a warm wood stove, add some weather conditions: snow, wind and ice. Shake it all up and you get a lot of down time. Well, there really is a lot to do, cleaning and the like; however, that's not what I did. I worked on knitting a scarf - because I can only knit strait lines scarves work out well. When Mom was here for Christmas she showed me a little stitch where you wrap the yarn over the needle twice on one row which leaves a "not stitch ???" every other loop on the next row. It makes a nice pattern. Taylor liked it and wanted one for herself out of some variegated yarn, containing pink of course.

Then I have been working on the rug kit which I am not pleased with. My loops may not be perfect but that's not the issue with me, I'm not trying for anything near perfection. I don't like the colors that the kit contained. Everything is muddy without any "pop" color. The photo that came with it is only representative of the contents but this is a pretty big departure. The flag colors are described as red and tan. Tan??? The red is not a bright red but rather a mixture of red, black and a bit of tan- maybe from an old jacket or skirt. Truly not an American Flag red. The sheep's head in the photo is backed by a lot of bright red but the pattern, which is hand drawn, places it in the middle of the darker red and the mottled dark blue of the flag, again not a good color. To top it off, the lamb color is called cream, not white, but their cream fabric is a very light tan with periodic tan lines. All very muddy.

When I add the dark blue background, you won't be able to see anything. I think I will take a trip to the store with my kit, which they selected the colors for, and see what they say. I would like to trade out some of these colors.

If it doesn't work out that's ok because the whole point of the exercise was to learn to do it, even if it isn't exactly what I expected. I'll be better when selecting kits in the future. I'll think of it as a bonus- two lessons learned.


me said...

'If it doesn't work out that's ok because the whole point of the exercise was to learn to do it, even if it isn't exactly what I expected.'

That's also my attitude to attempting new things entirely! Hence, the fact that the six plants I tried to grow last year, even though they are all dead, at least I can say I have experience in growing them ha-ha!

I might try something sturdier this year, such as plastic trees cemented into the ground!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

My grandmother had problems keeping up her flower garden so she nestled plastic ones every so often between the real plants! It wasn't only when she got older either. She was great fun and I'll have some posts about her somewhere along the line. Good luck with the plastic trees-

Mary Christine said...

I find knitting very therapeutic - but I have to love the color and texture of the yarn. I can't work for long with yarn I don't love.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

My mom uses all sorts of unusual yarns, some are sort of funky with little bits of shiny things woven in or perhaps knotty textured colorful yarns. Those are for the fun things. I think her friends make prayer shawls and donate them too. I can't say I really find it relaxing but it gives me something to do if I am sitting. I've never been very good at just sitting back and relaxing. If I watch TV I may also be reading, or on Facebook farming, etc.