Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Right Up My Alley

What a great afternoon!
Our boss arranged a "team building" event for us last
Friday afternoon.  We met at the bowling alley near
work for lunch and a couple games.

I have not bowled in about 10-12 years, ever since I
hurt my knee in an auto accident.  I wasn't sure if I could
do this but it's still fun to go and watch everyone.
I actually ordered the "ramp" just in case I decided to play.
It's the thing that kids use, along with the bumper guards-
which I did not specify!

Well, I gave it a try without the ramp  and while I 
got a gutter ball, I could do it!
Yea Me!! 

There were prizes too:  Best Dressed, Best Team
Spirit and Best Form.  Can you guess who won the
Best Dressed category?  He was never in a league, 
he just liked the shirt and bought one in a resale shop.

I will say they were pretty impressed with my gear!
One of the guys pointed to my ball and said
"It says KATHY!"

We used to bowl a lot so I have a ball, shoes and a wrist
brace in my bag.  My husband will say it is his brace, 
but I stole it.  I helps but if we decide to do this more
regularly I better start lifting some weights.  I never
had great arm strength but whatever I had is long gone.
By the middle of the second game my arm 
was starting to give out.

After not bowling for over a decade I was pretty bad, 
but it was all in fun and I had a fantastic time!
In fact, I received Best Form!
Yea me again!!
(I did manage a couple of spares)

My leg was pretty sore on Saturday and a little Sunday
but it was worth it.  We have my son's ball here and it is
just about a perfect weight for Taylor.  We may find a slow
time and take her to the alley in Union, MO so she can 
give it a try.  I think she will like it.

I asked my boss if we could do this monthly- 
a half day off to bowl together.
I don't think it will happen but you never know,
he may decide to do this again some time. 


Lady Locust said...

What fun. Love that you have your own ball - what a pro!

Gorges Smythe said...

Glad y'all had a good time. I hope your boss DOES do it again.

Manny said...

I haven't gone bowling since college, and that's at least 30 something years. And I wasn't very good even then.

I'm so glad you had so much fun. I hope this means you're feeling better.

Powell River Books said...

I used to like to play, but no one wanted Gutter Ball Margy on their team. - Margy