Sunday, April 10, 2016

Handy Clips for Chicken Wire Fencing

Before we get eaten out of house and home this year
we thought we had better protect the small side garden
where we grow lots of salad greens, radish, collards
and a few beans or peppers along thee way.

My husband picked up a few cattle panels and a roll of
chicken wire.  He cut the panels into sections and lined
them with chicken wire to make swing out gates.
We used to wrap the chicken wire to the fencing with twisted
wire but he found this neat little tool that will do the job easier.

You take the metal pieces and align it into the jaws of the clamp.

Then you just put the jaws around part of the wire 
and the cattle panel to attach them.
Each section will swing out so I can get in there
to weed or replant another vegetable when the 
first has gone past its prime. 

They love munching on our salad greens and 
beans.  The raised beds are narrow enough that 
I  don't think the deer will jump into them.
Currently there are two beds that will be fenced.
We won't fence in the horseradish or the soon to be 
garlic bed.  We are going to move the potato box.
It was not successful last year due to the large amount
of rain we got.  I think they got way too wet, along with 
everything else!  

We just had a freeze warning but it looks like we didn't get hit.
The plum tree was blooming well this year and I hope to get some
if I can keep the worms away.  I can't spray anything that will 
hurt the bees which will be arriving at the end of the month.  
My husband will be driving to Des Moines to get them
but our new meat chicks will arrive here on the 20th
so I won't go with him as I will be babysitting- or chicken sitting
the new ones.   I have to remind myself- don't love them too much,
they will be my dinner in a few months!


Gorges Smythe said...

Looks like a winner!

Weekend-Windup said...

Your work has come out good and you have a wonderful shed...

Patricia @ CorninmyCoffee-pot said...

Hi Kathy-
That little tool looks handy, we've used baling wire , it's whatever we have on hand around here for sure! I like the fact that the cattle panels allow walk through access for you, ungenious! We didn't make a garden this year, I didn't realize how busy school would make me ...I miss the garden.
We are down to two hens and our rooster.
I know what you mean about being to friendly with the birds...
You hate to name them even.
Our first meat chickens we called Nuggets... And I told them everyday they were going into my freezer. That way both our expectations could be met!
I still have one nugget left... She lays for me everyday. Her name is Thelast Nugget Lol! Smile and have a great week!

LindaG said...

Your garden plan looks good! Hope you don't have coons to worry about...
You all have a blessed week!