Friday, April 22, 2016

Wings and Things

Welcome to the New Guys!
These are our Cornish Cross chicks that arrived
from our local feed store by special order from 
Cackle Hatchery in Lebanon, MO.

These are our first meat chicks so a very different
experience for me.  They grow very quickly,
and are trying to eat and drink us our of house
and home!  We will borrow the chicken tractor that
belongs to my husband's boss and house them in there
for a few weeks until butchering time, that is once
they are large enough to leave our house.

They arrived Wednesday and were very different than
the chicks that I incubate.  They can't be very old
to be transported so I can tell they have grown
much larger and sturdier than my normal buffs.
They are always "ON"
It's like a party every hour, then the crash for a bit,
and then it's back to the party.

We lost one today.  It wasn't looking very well this 
morning but seemed to perk up a bit; however,
when we got done with our errands it was gone.
The others are looking well though.

The Bees arrive tomorrow!
We've got everything ready,
We both have EpiPens just in case.
Thirty thousand bees.
That's a lot of bees!
Especially when my husband is driving
them back from Des Moines- a 12 hour trip 
tomorrow but he has a friend to go with him.
I have to stay and take care of the chicks.

We will have to feed the bees for awhile but I did 
buy some flowers at the nursery.  It is sort of a 
gamble planting them now. April 15 is our last frost
date but you can't count on it.  It's just a few flowers
to start them off, I saw bees on them at the nursery so
I figured ours would like them too.

Our big garden is not near ready, just our little side garden.
I'll get the smallest bed up there, which is by the hives, ready
either this afternoon or tomorrow before the bees arrive.

In the meantime I am trying to win that lottery!
$251 million in tomorrow's draw.
That's worth a $2 investment, you never know, you might win.


Gorges Smythe said...

I'm hoping to have a place to keep some chickens next year. Time will tell, I guess.

jewlz said...

Looks like many new and exciting things are going on at your place! Good luck with those bees.

LindaG said...

We buy tickets every so often. Good luck!

You all are going to be busy busy! Our coop waits to be finished. We are going fishing again. ;-)

Hope you all have a blessed weekend! ♥

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

They have some nice small coops now and you would probably only need 2-4 for every day needs. We have about 25-30 of which 5 are roosters, then a little over 30 meat birds. We have LOTS of eggs until winter.

Manny said...

How cute! I could never raise animals and then eat

I'm in the Powerball too. Good luck.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

So sweet!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!