Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Just a Garden Post (because I hate naming my posts)

We avoided the frost and now the plum tree is 
covered with pretty little babies!
If I can keep the worms under control we may
just have a great harvest this year.

The mystery tree out back, a complete volunteer,
I believe is another peach tree.

It looks very much like the tree out front.

The horseradish is looking good and such pretty flowers.

I can't complain about the worms either, huge!

We now have almost all the panels up on the side
garden where there is kale, collards, swiss chard,
cabbage and radish and a few varieties of lettuce.

The new meat chicks arrive tomorrow 
and the bees on Saturday.  My husband found 
a neighbor that will ride up to Des Moines and back
with him - 12 hours in the car in one day!
I'm sure they will have fun.
I'll be here watching the new babies, catching up on
my quilting and looking at the library books that I 
will surely have by then.  Library sales are always good.

I had a surprise this week too.
Our old office complex used to hire a landscaping
company to plant the flowers of the season.
Once that season was coming to a close, they
would pull them up and leave them on the street for
anyone to take.  At one time I had lots of tulips.
That was maybe 10 years ago and since that time
they have disappeared.
Until this week.
LOOK!!  A lone tulip!
That must be a good sign. 



Everything looks so good and healthy! I love you grow horseradish too and that is one huge worm! You have some rich soil...

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Hi Kathy!
I'm super stoked that you posted the picture of you plum tree
1. I have baby trees this is our third year to have them and I see little plums on them! just like yours... I wasn't sure.
2. and I was too lazy to google an image. ;)
We also have a volunteer peach tree out behind the barn. We planted peach trees the same year as the plums- but they didn't make it.

I see your pretty tulip and can't help but wonder, what happened to the others? You think they're just dormant under there. At any rate... a lone tulip is a good sign in my book!

Lady Locust said...

Your garden looks great. Plumbs always amaze me - can't see them until they fall on your head or start turning color.

LindaG said...

Everything looks wonderful, Kathy. I really like how you did your raised beds, too.
Hope you are all doing well and having a blessed week.

Laura said...

I love this time of year Kathy.
Everything is growing, even mystery plants.
But it is all good, right? Come on plants- the more the merrier!

I hope you will share this at Thoughts of Home on Thursday this week.
Just stop by my blog to join in.
We would love to have you!
Enjoyed visiting,

White Spray Paint

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Thanks all! I thought the rest of the tuplips may have been eaten by moles, which we have a lot of. I won't spray for grubs so I guess the moles and I have come to a truce. It's funny, once in awhile I will see a flower rocking back and forth all by itself but all the time knowing that Mr Mole is just beneath it, tunneling to find his next tasty grub.

Lisa said...

Everything is looking good! Have you ever planted a fig tree? I have one planted that's about 3 years old and I keep waiting for figs. Was curious if you know anything about Fig trees.

Like you I love trees and can't wait for the summer growing season!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Funny you should ask about the fig. I got a Chicago fig last year but kept it in a pot inside, it's way overgrown for the pot so I need to plant it outside this year. In my area, (basically St Louis MO) it may die to the ground each year but should come back enough to get some figs. I don't anticipate it to be as nice as the ones down South. I am supposed to protect it in winter, some even wrap it and cover in mulch. Other than that, this will be it's first time outside. My mom's neighbors have really nice ones that grow large and full of figs.

Decor To Adore said...

What wonderful images. What an absolute delight this post is!!! Thank you so very much for joining the gathering at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

Harry Flashman said...

Your garden is looking great. Since M and I are both retired now, we have a little garden but nothing on the scale of yours. We have squash, two kinds of peppers, tomatoes and that is about it for this year. Maybe next year we will try something more grandiose.