Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This is block 8 of The Splendid Sampler hosted by 
Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson.  I will say that this one
went nicely, I liked the block and I tried to choose
colors that would go well with each other.
The purple, green and orange are all in the yellow
fabric with hints of green too.  

There are 100 blocks, 2 per week except for holidays.
I will admit I am not an expert at any of this so the
skill building is welcome.

I liked the embroidery although my poor bear must 
be related to the Coneheads!  I will probably trim this
out in the 30's material so it fits in with the other blocks.

I used needle turn applique here but I sure wish I 
would have used templates for the flowers!
I am going to order Perfect Circles and may as well
throw in Perfect Ovals because you just know 
those will be arriving on a pattern within the 
coming year!

Two blocks a week doesn't sound like much, 
unless you work with a one way transit time of an hour
plus trying to take care of things around the house.
I have about 4 hours between arriving home and 
bed so I try to catch up on the weekends.
I have also  had to split my time between this 
and the bees this weekend, getting the hives
ready for the bees which will be here in April.

The tops for the hive were painted yesterday so I'll 
have some photos coming up in the next day or two.


Lady Locust said...

They look fabulous!

LindaG said...

Two blocks a week sounds like way too much to me, haha.
It is going to be so fantastic when you get it fixed! Are they all gifts or keepsakes, or will you go to a flea market and sell them?
Have a blessed week!

Powell River Books said...

My sister is the quilting expert. I don't have a sewing machine so if I tried it would all be by hand. But I guess that's the way it used to be. - Margy

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

They are intended to be a quilt but some other people are doing different things with them. I may make a couple of throws rather than a large quilt because I won't put it on a bed.