Monday, March 21, 2016

100 Blocks, What a Challenge

We are 11, 6-inch blocks in to our Splendid Sampler Facebook
group challenge, hosted by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson.
I am participating for skill building and I will tell you that
creating these tiny blocks is truly a challenge for me.

The photo above is a Quilt Shoppe which still needs
its embroidery. When it is sewn to sashing or another block
it will lose a quarter inch on all sides so the block will 
appear as if it does not line up, remove the quarter
inch in your mind and you will see the end result.

What did I learn here? Don't use polka dots if you need
to see a straight line.  This was a pre-cut fabric strip that 
I had to cut the width for, less than the standard
2 1/2 inches.  I should have been more mindful of 
the pattern, making sure the dots lined up.
I would use a very light mixed up print next time.

You can always embellish it as you want so some people
have added shrubbery with embroidery or curtains, etc. 

This is the Ohio block, or some may see it as a
"Hug and Kiss"  if you sewed the top two blocks below
the bottom two blocks you would end up with an X.
One of the Splendid Sampler participants did just this and
it looked fantastic.  Remember to lose the quarter
inch to see what this would look like finished.

One caution here was the boat pattern.  Did I put it 
on top so the bears would be upright or on the bottom
like it is here so the boats would be upright?  The consensus
was that the boats are what your eye is drawn to so they
should be upright.

The next block is embroidery and piecing but the 
embroidery will end up looking like crochet, a little doily.
At first I thought it might be actual crochet tacked to the 
block, it looks so real when you see a photo.  

With 100 blocks and working it is hard to stay up to date
so sometimes I work on it for a half hour, sometimes more
over the course of several days.  I know some cleaning is
being neglected too.  Well, it's skill building- that's educational
right?  So worth putting the cleaning aside.  At least that is
my excuse!


Lady Locust said...

Stitching or cleaning? Oh yea - stitching is the right choice:) Your blocks are looking great.

Gorges Smythe said...

I always think of my beloved great aunt when I see your quilt squares.

Michelle said...

The crochet block has me very interested. Can't wait to see it.