Monday, December 1, 2014

Turkey Carcass: Stock and Pulled Turkey

 What happens when you get iced in on a ridge top?
For me, I can log into work and continue to do my job from home.  
My husband made great use of time by using the boiled down 
the turkey carcass (last night) and today pressure canned enough 
turkey stock to keep us cooking for the rest of the year.

Not only did we get 10 quarts of stock but boiled down
enough of the dark meat to make four pounds of turkey
which we vacuum sealed for the freezer.  
It will be great for pot pies, sandwiches,
stews or just about anything else you would make from turkey.

 My daughter won a 25 lb turkey at the church meat shoot
so we had it for Thanksgiving and divided up the white meat
among three households.  No one wanted the dark meat,
which is my husband's favorite.  I'm not that fond of it on the bone
but this turns out more like a pulled turkey so it's all tender.

The ice was quite a surprise.  The forecast called for it to go South
but something caused it to turn leaving a coating of ice and 
freezing rain on the area roadways.  Normally there is some
pre treatment but even the highway department was caught 
off guard.  Our subdivision was out of salt, they are not even
stocked at the farm supply stores yet  so there was no going down 
in my car.  A tractor trailer rollover shut the highway down earlier
(on my route of course) so I decided it was a work from home day !

All is melted now and we have found a salt supply for the next time.


Gorges Smythe said...

I always love to see folks make good use of their "scraps." People are so wasteful these days.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

That looks good, we got some left over turkey from my mother so not a lot to deal with this year but I made a turkey pot pie for supper. That broth will be great in soups of all kinds.

Lady Locust said...

Oh my. That looks so impressive. I like both light and dark meat & love turkey pot pie:) The feast was at my folks this year so no left-overs here. I did get two turkeys to put in the freezer so will wait a month or so and pull one out. Keep safe - glad you can work from home when roads are icy.

Harry Flashman said...

All that turkey will come in handy. I like dark meat, it's great with some gravy.

I saw you were getting ice up there. Hope the weather lets up a bit for you. At least you can work from home though.

Powell River Books said...

I don't have a pressure cooker, so stick to jams and fruits for canning. And freezer space is at a premium in our propane fridge. With just the two of us, we usually buy fresh and keep lots of non-perishable things on the shelf in case we can't get to town. - Margy