Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Diagnosis

I have had a strange malady.
I thought I was the ONLY ONE,
and it was too embarrassing to discuss.
So I scoured the internet until one day
I found my diagnosis!

I have 

  Yes, that's right. Internet Elbow.
It starts out mysteriously, and you blame it on
everything but the actual cause.
It affects primarily office workers that are either
shorter or taller than average and who also
are using corner cubicles where their chair
is not the same height as the work surface
and there is no keyboard tray.

  When you are in this situation, you tend to 
lean into your desk, bracing yourself with one
or the other elbow, normally the non-mouse elbow.
Over the course of time you wear holes into your sleeves,
ruining your sweater, shirt or jacket!

The cure is to have proper posture and
position your chair so the padded arms are
at work surface height.  For those that are short,
as am I, you may need to prop your feet up to reach the  ground.

 Once you have your elbows off the work surface,
assuming it does not make your back or neck hurt,
your problem will be solved.

But what to do with the holes in your clothing?
 I am going to try to darn and patch.
This hole is pretty big - I stretched the sleeve over
a light bulb so you can see the hole.  It's a knit 
fabric, sort of a heavier T-shirt weight so the hole
looks larger than it is.  I may need to patch with either
  a good grade felt or suede to save the jacket. 
 I'll just tell them it's the new fashion!
I assume I can do this by fusing the material to the jacket
and providing a foundation fabric on the inside of the sleeve.

 I really thought I was the only one with this problem
but  when I mentioned it at lunch, everyone else started
telling me how they are wearing holes in their sleeves too.
        They had no idea what was causing it but now that we
know what we are dealing with, we can conquer this.


Powell River Books said...

I don't have Internet elbow, even though I am a shorty. But I do have iPad finger. Too much solitaire has my pointer finger stiff. I have to take a break to get it back in shape. The best way is I leave the iPad at the cabin when I'm away for a forced rest. - Margy

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Well, I don't have the problem with clothing... because most of the time my elbows are bare. But they do get dried out... and so, I use lots on lotion on the funny bone!
Hope you conquer this problem spot!

Manny said...

Hmm, I don't think I have that problem. At least I've not seen any holes on my elbows.